Self-Inspection to Renew Car Insurance


It was a difficult job to search and buy a car insurance policy. However, as is with most things, having a smartphone in your hand makes it exponentially easier. Self-inspection is where you can inspect your car ny shooting a video of the car and send it to your insurer, effectively avoiding physical inspection of the car. It saves your time, struggles, and is the best way to renew the expired car insurance or compare our best ways when you are looking to buy car insurance from a new provider.

Step by step self inspection

  • Download the app

You need to download your insurer’s mobile application through which the self-inspection is going to take place. This app may or may not be available for iOS/Android users, but in most cases would be available in both. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the app. If not, update the app.

  • Share all necessary and relevant details

Once the app is downloaded and updated, you will be asked for your basic information and details, including your name, car information, policy number, etc. A lot of the information from your registered mobile number can also be monitored so that the details do not have to be filled in. Therefore, it is advisable to enter the same information and mobile number as stated when you renew a car insurance policy or buy car insurance policy.

  • Self inspection video

Capture a screenshot of the vehicle from 360 degrees in which all bases are covered. Ensure that all angles are taken, particularly in places where damage is present. Hit ‘submit’ once you have completed ‘uploading the video’ (you would require high-speed internet connectivity for uploading).

The benefits of self inspection

  • Less time consuming

Self-inspection is definitely easier than waiting  for the insurance provider to show up at your doorstep. Often, appointing inspectors can take days or weeks. Instead, in a matter of minutes, you can assess yourself and get the policy renewed in just a few hours.

  • Simple and hassle free

Self-inspection is straightforward. It is as simple as recording any video on your mobile. Ensure you shoot a full video as suggested by your provider, and that the car is clearly visible. Shoot from a camera with a high resolution.

  •  Highly convenient

You do not require any special equipment or technical know-how to perform self-inspection. It is more than enough to have an internet-enabled smartphone. You can carry out your self-inspection according to your convenience.


The self-inspection mechanism based on the app provides a number of advantages over the conventional system. The renewal process can be completed in a simple way. You do not have to wait for the officer or team of the insurer to come, be present at that moment, and run the information through them. It is easy to self-inspect. Car inspection forms an important part of the method of car insurance. If you forget to renew  policy on time, it will expire. This means you will have to go through the whole process, starting with applying for a policy. Failure to renew a policy may also cause the insurer to deny your offer or charge you a greater premium.

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