Self Priming Trash Pump

We put together our expertise to offer efficient and cost saving solutions aiming at enhancing the way we live thus leading to a happier community. Furthermore we constantly on the lookout for expand service range to maximizes saving for clients. Our team of skilled and trained workers backed with our expert engineers is always ready to meet your needs with suitable solutions in water applications.

Guzu Machinery offer a wide range of pumps including self priming trash pump, single stage water pump, multistage stage pump, self balancing multistage pump and split case double suction water pump with electric motor, diesel engine etc. In addition our products are carefully selected to be high performing, safe and low maintenance. In line with honesty as foundation, we hope to be your reliable cooperation partner. Our values system always reminds us to be:

Dewatering Pump | Engine Driven Water Pump

Diesel engine driven water pump can be customized, our engineering team can provide you the best dewatering pump solution for your project. we assist our clients select the best possible dewatering equipment to meet there present and future requirements taking into accounts running costs, down time, life of project etc.  Trailer Mounted Pump

Self-Priming Trash Pump

Guzu Self-priming Trash Pump Is Designed For Reliable Solids And Clear Liquids Handling. After Initial Priming, They Continue To Reprime Automatically And Provides Fast And Cost Effective Pumping Solution For Larger Jobs. Trash Pumps Are Designed To Safely Move Water That Contains Debris And Solids. They Have Large, Open Style Impellers That Can Safely Pass Solids Without Being Damaged. Another Useful Feature Is The Quick Release System That Allows Easy Access For Cleaning Out The Pump Case.

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