Selling An Apartment in Cabot, Arkansas: How To Avoid Becoming A Victim of Scammers?

Risks always exist when you buy or sell real estate properties. In the” dashing ” nineties, the criminal community took over all areas, including the real estate market. However, the troubled times are over. Having decided to sell an apartment, you need to analyze all the nuances and possible dangers of such a transaction, and most importantly, find out how to avoid them.

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Fraudulent Buyers: How To Avoid Fraud?


The main goal of the seller is to get all the money due in full without cheating. When starting your activities aimed at selling a house, do not forget about this. Remember, most fraudulent schemes involve real estate sellers. Fake housing documents are possible. Hiding the shortcomings of the apartment is quite common. Fraudulent buyers are less common, and the whole point of their plan boils down to one goal – to pay as little money as possible. You should keep this in mind while meeting with the buyer and entering into a transaction with him.


Suspicious Persons:


It all starts with a meeting with potential buyers. You can cancel the deal initially if people who came to see the apartment behave suspiciously. How can you know fraudulent buyers? Pseudo-buyer will look at your house but will never give any response. It happens many times, and it’s normal. Nevertheless, at first glance, harmless people can be ordinary tipsters of burglars.


A Helpful Tip:


Take a closer look at your customers during the first meeting. Perhaps they are too excited, show interest in furniture, paintings, personal belongings. On the contrary, they are calm; they agree to all offers and do not even bargain. You must be careful at this point. To protect yourself from trouble, remove valuables such as expensive furniture and appliances from your apartment in advance. Ask the potential buyer to sign the act of inspection of the apartment with the provision of all its data. Rejection or confusion should make you alert.


Advance And Down Payment:


Fraudulent buyers often take advantage of the seller’s ignorance of the purchase and sale transaction’s nuances. The latter do not always distinguish between the concepts of “advance” and “deposit”. However, there are very significant differences between the terms. An advance payment is a prepayment that is refunded in case of termination of the oral agreement. Deposit funds that are collateral for fulfilling obligations. If the buyer refuses the transaction, the deposit will not be refunded. Sell my house fast for cash Cabot, Arkansas  If the seller changes his mind, he must return the double amount.


“Pseudo-buyers” insist on the deposit, then provoke the seller to break the contract. After taking a double profit, scammers disappear. Sometimes they work in pairs: the first one gives a deposit, then the other offers the apartment more. The scammers divide the received “compensation” among themselves. The seller is left with nothing.


A Useful Tip:


Ask buyers for an advance payment with a written indication of penalties for non-fulfillment of obligations.


Transaction Fraud:


It is a common scheme of deception: the buyer specifically underestimates the cost of the apartment. The fraudster motivates this with a smaller amount of tax that will have to be paid. As a result, the seller runs the risk of receiving exactly the amount specified in the contract.


A Useful Tip:


Specify the real value of the house in the contract.


Transfer of Money:


It is another way for scammers to deceive a gullible seller. Many times, after completing the paperwork, buyers simply disappear.


A Useful Tip:


Do not accept a cash transaction if possible. Transfer the ownership rights only when you receive funds in full via cheque or online transfer.


How A Cash Home Buyer Helps You?


A cash home buyer offers you peace of mind when you intend to sell your house. We buy houses in Cabot, Arkansas. Our specialists act impartially & verify documents confirming your homeownership rights. They complete all formalities. We buy houses legally & give you the pre-agreed cash on the spot.


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