Selling Online for 20 Years: What Quin Amorim Learned (FS316)

How has online business and selling
changed in the last twenty years? How can we as entrepreneurs move and change
with the times to keep staying profitable, inspired and current?

Are there any rules that have stayed
the same during this period?

Our topic for today centers around
the world of online sales and the way in which they have and continue to
evolve. The internet has sped up the development of the way traditional sales
have functioned and this increasing speed is exponential!  

In this episode, we break down a special guest’s particular journey, successes and misadventures, selling products on eBay and Amazon. We discuss early ideas and items, low risk moves and how they managed to scale their business slowly over time.

Today on the show we are joined by Quin Amorim, who started selling
items on eBay in the late ’90s and arguably invented an early form of the now
omnipresent drop shipping model. Quim has managed to build a hugely successful
business and career for himself all from the early desire to make a bit more
cash to spend partying!

We also talk about pocket rockets,
wooden statues, quantities for packaging, becoming more organized and the
importance of listening for feedback from audiences and friends. The episode
really drums home the message of catching and riding different waves as they
arrive and how your enthusiasm for building a brand can take you a long way.

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Pocket Casts

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Funding your dream job with another side hustle.
  • Online business models and residual sales. [0:07:58.7]
  • The segments of Quin’s history in online
    business. [0:09:45.3]
  • Low risk, low investment and drop shipping. [0:15:20.7]
  • Comparing the online marketplace of today versus
    that of the past. [0:19:15.2]
  • Scaling, bulk selling and cellphone cases. [0:23:12.1]
  • The idea of private labeling. [0:29:32.7]
  • Facing failure and learning from difficult
    circumstances. [0:35:08.5]
  • Quin’s forays into the food, grocery and baby
    categories on Amazon. [0:38:51.7]
  • The longevity of certain products on Amazon. [0:44:30.5]
  • Racing to the bottom line and respite from the
    crunch. [0:48:13.4]
  • Following demand, market size and the excitement
    of seeing your products. [0:56:02.8]
  • Building a passion and a business as you learn. [1:03:13.4]
  • And much more!

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