Selling Unregistered Cars In NSW: How To Get Cash For Unregistered Cars?

What do you do if you can no longer register your car for some reason? You can look into selling your unregistered car in NSW instead!

A Word Of Caution

It’s illegal to impossible an unregistered car unless you’re doing it to renew the registration. NSW law states that you must take the vehicle to the most direct location, whether it’s your nearest service centre or the most convenient authorised inspection station.

If you try to drive the unregistered vehicle for other purposes, the police may remove its number plates on the spot. They can also impound the car and charge a fine worth up to $2200!

A Guide To Selling Unregistered Cars In NSW

The good news is that there are still ways for you to earn some cash in exchange for your unregistered vehicle. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Register The Car Before You Sell It

If you want to sell the car to a private buyer, you first need to process its registration. This might be quite inconvenient for you; however, most buyers will refuse to buy an unregistered vehicle since they’ll assume something is wrong with it. It’s too much of a headache to deal with complicated paperwork.

The New South Wales government website has everything you need to know about registering your car. For example, if you’re registering an expired second-hand vehicle within three months of its expiry date, it’s still possible to renew the registration.

Meanwhile, if the registration has been expired for more than three months, then you must apply for re-registration. The website lists all the documents you need, as well as the procedures for application.

  • Lower The Price

There’s another way to attract potential buyers if you choose not to register the car: markdown its price. Of course, at first, you might be hesitant about reducing its worth, but this can help you sell the vehicle much faster.

In case the buyer asks, you can always advise them that your reason for marking down the car’s price is because it doesn’t have a registration. The expenses for registration will then be the buyer’s responsibility, making the transaction much more straightforward!

  • Go To Your Local Car Wrecker

You have one last option if you can’t find a buyer for your unregistered car in NSW. Go to a licensed car wrecking company.

Omega Cash for Cars can quickly help you if you’re selling an unregistered car in NSW. We can give you a quote in an instant, allowing you to decide whether or not the transaction is worth it. All of our services are free, including the towing and the paperwork.

Why should you choose our services? We will accept any unregistered vehicle, regardless of its condition, age, make, and model. Plus, we can offer you up to $9000 through cash, bank transfer, or even cheque!

Give us a call at 0401 234 711 and get rid of your unregistered vehicle quickly and effortlessly!

About The Author:

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