Sensitive skin: How to wash your clothes so they don’t hurt you?

What do you consider when you put the washing machine? If you or someone in your home has sensitive skin, you should not only pay attention to the temperature and the program you choose.

Surely you already know the importance of choosing natural fabrics that respect the skin, but you should know that improper washing of the garments can cause your skin problems to intensify after using them. New York Laundry service talks to you about how to wash your clothes so it doesn’t hurt your skin.

How to wash clothes in case of sensitive skin?

Choosing a good washing machine detergent and softener is vital so that the skin does not suffer from the garment. Experts emphasize the importance of choosing mild soaps and using them in small quantities. Stick to the information you can find on the inside labels of the garments to not use more soap from the account.

In addition, it is convenient that you use some of the hypoallergenic products that you can find in supermarkets. There are also others that tend to be less harmful to the skin since they use less aggressive components.

Try using detergents and softeners without perfume or pigments. Finally, avoid putting more clothes from the bill in the washing machine because if you overload it, the detergent will not be able to eliminate all bacteria and germs.

Learn how to wash clothes so they don’t hurt you?

The key to rinse:

A perfect rinse of the garments is very important for those people who have sensitive skin because the remains of detergent and softener can damage the skin.

Some models of washing machines use little water during this part of the washing to save energy. In these cases, it is important to make an additional rinse to ensure that the clothes come out in the perfect condition. In addition, a bad rinse could also have an impact on the appearance of your garments in the long term.

Wash clothes before releasing:

According to the New York Laundry service, if your sensitive skin tends to suffer from allergic reactions, you should wash your clothes before putting them on for the first time.

On some occasions, the garments have some substances so that their finishing in the stores seems more attractive, and this can harm you. Extra dye, for example, can cause different allergic reactions. In addition, you do not know who has tried it before, if you have spent a lot of time on the floor or if the place in which it is stored is dirty.

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