Sensory pool

Place a person with special needs in a Sensory Pool where the troubles of the outside world are completely absent, present them with warm water, the sensation of weightlessness, attention grabbing moving colours and shapes, along with therapeutic music and sound, and then add the ability for them to actually make things happen themselves that are so dramatic that they cannot be missed – you have the building blocks of real progress.

Sensory pools can be used to stimulate the inactive and calm the overactive. Visually impaired people can also benefit from seeing the bright colours and beams of light move around the pool room.  We can even create interactive sensory pool play where you can make changes happen yourself from within the pool with our floating switches. These are great for task and reward learning. From the essential colour mixing lighting, to dramatic moving images creating various patterns on your walls, floor and pool basin, adding sensory lighting to a sensory pool gives you a whole new dimension for hydrotherapy. Swimming pool lighting

Whether you have an existing pool or are having a pool built specifically for you, we can offer guidance from your initial thought right through to completion. With many factors to consider we have gained vast knowledge over many years to help you get the sensory pool you want.

We are always more than happy to meet with architects, school staff, physiotherapists and fundraising committees to hear what your requirements and needs are and to then show what could be and what can be achieved through showing examples of past projects.

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