SEO-Servicebureau Antwerpen

These three values are essential to us, because they are the DNA of our online marketing agency and say everything about how we work.


Our expertise

We always depart from an SEO-servicebureau Antwerpen. We work with our customers to develop a mix of marketing instruments to achieve their marketing objectives.

How do we do this? Knowledge is key…

Before flying, we first conduct a thorough investigation. What is the market like, who are the competitors, what do those competitors do in terms of marketing, etc.

In addition to the market, we ask a lot of questions about the target group. We reserve a lot of time for this. What is his profile, are there different profiles or buyers personas, what problem does the customer experience and what do you promise to do about it. We really want to fully understand the customer, think like them, live like them. Because this is how we can make them happy, because we solve his problem or need.


The next step of marketing

We can only start inbound marketing if we fully understand the market and the customer. Every marketing component in our marketing strategy is adapted to the different target groups and their needs. Moreover, not every target group needs 1 same product at the same time. We adapt the content and planning to the profile of the various end consumers. We provide and advertise the right product according to the needs of the customer.


We’ll make you pop online!

Content marketing is a form of internet marketing where videos, infographics, testimonials, articles, etc. are used to attract customers and stimulate sales.

Customers are exposed to thousands of brands every day … yours should stand out! By creating high-profile content, your brand goes viral and you increase your brand awareness. JEM creates content that appeals to them: explainer videos in which the operation of your product is easily explained, photos with a quip, infographics about the growth of your company, attractive emailings, etc.

Our creative online marketers know how to put your brand in the spotlight!


Flying Pandas Can a company still do without a website? Probably not, because it is our virtual business card. Our Flying Panda team designs the most userfriendly websites so that your website shaves high tops!

People used to search for companies through the Yellow Pages, but nowadays most information is found online.

Your company website is then the first thing your potential customers see.

The design of your website must first and foremost appeal, but it must also be technically sound. Visitors quickly click away if the site does not function properly or if they do not find the product or service they are looking for.

Our creative web design team will work with you to create a beautiful looking site or web store, which is above all accessible, user-friendly and findable in search engines such as Google. What is the use of a website if it is not found?

Together with you we create a beautiful website or webshop that you can easily manage, adjust and optimize yourself. We give our customers all SEO tips to place their site or webshop high in Google ranking.


Marketing design

Of course we can also develop all forms of printed media marketing : from logos, corporate identity, flyers, business cards to posters. We consider this an extension of your brand’s web design. Print communication can support your sales team and help spread your message.


started yourself

The umpteenth SEO course? No. A workshop with JEM tailored to your SME with concrete tips to score high in Google.

Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat or something like that? Can’t you see the forest through the trees with all those different social media? In our online marketing training we prepare you to manage and optimize the social media channels of your company yourself

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