Services Locksmiths Provide

Archeologists discovered locks dating back as far as 4,000 years ago.  So, locksmithing is one of the earliest occupations.

Thousands of years later, people still want to secure their property – that never changed.  Technological advancements, however, drastically altered how people secure those valuables.  Locksmiths, today, thus, handle much more than just locks and keys.  They are trained, certified, experienced specialists who protect residential and commercial establishments (e.g. warehouse, store, office) and offer assistance to any system that works with a lock (car, motorcycle, safe, etc.).

Locksmiths provide the following services for both the home and business:

•    Design Security System:  locksmiths suggest, plan, and develop security systems.

•    System Implementation:  locksmiths set-up locks (including deadbolts and padlocks), alarms, intercoms, peepholes, safes, attain required security approvals, and create master key plans.

•    Maintain and Repair:  locksmiths maintain and repair already implemented security systems, as well as maintain and repair knobs, locks, windows, and hardware.

•    Key Creation:  locksmiths create duplicate keys using various methods (e.g. duplicating originals, using impressions, decoding cylinders, using Car VIN numbers).

•    Code and Combination Changes:  locksmiths change padlock, security system, and safe codes and combinations.

•    Emergency Lockouts:  locksmiths respond to urgent situations where individuals are locked out of homes, businesses, safes, motorcycles, cars, car trunks, or any locked area due to a broken or lost key or transponder, forgotten combination, or any kind of lock or security problem or malfunction.

These are essentially the primary services locksmiths provide.  Again, they offer assistance with regard to any system that works with a lock (car, motorcycle, safe, etc.).  So, whatever system, device, or item you have that utilizes a lock, should you be experiencing any kind of issue with it, contact a professional locksmith.

KR Locksmith

KR Locksmith (“KR”) is a family-owned locksmith near Charlotte NC that serves Charlotte and the surrounding area.  Its team of highly trained professionals have over 15 years of experience in commercial, home, and automotive services.  It uses the highest quality locks and is proud of its top locksmith reputation.

KR is a professional Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte and Residential Locksmith Charlotte NC that provides complete security solutions for businesses, families, homes, and anything that requires securing.  Its certified locksmiths use the latest technology and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

KR also offers emergency lockout response services.  If you need immediate assistance, any time, day or night, call (980)333-8238, and it will send out a locksmith to assist.

Contact KR Locksmith today for all your professional locksmith needs.  Your security, privacy, and confidence are its primary concerns.

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