Set Your Foot Step In Healthcare Transportation Business With App Like Uber Health

Two paramedics rescue team workers standing in front of ambulance car. Doctor holding first aid kit bag in hand. Flat style vector illustration. Isolated characters on white background.

Welcome! Technology has been rounding up almost every aspect of our lives. In fact technology has made our lives easier in carrying out mundane tasks. The birth of on-demand services have chipped in more sophistication to us, ain’t they?

While several on-demand services like food delivery, grocery delivery, etc., at surging up, on-demand medical services are still in the progressive stage. Only a few are aware of the online medical services while others don’t even have the idea of the existence of these services.

You can make these online medical services available to users, but how? Here we present you with the Uber health clone app. The app brings patients and doctors to a single platform and helps in gaining healthcare consultations.

Basically, the Uber health clone app is a medical transportation system that facilitates users to hospitals. It is more of an ambulance service but it is a step higher than the usual ambulance service. Let us see how it differs from the traditional ambulance services.

It is the features of the app that differentiates it from other conventional medical transports. Here are the smart features contained in the app.

Smart scheduling– Users can schedule the arrival of the vehicle in advance using the scheduling feature. This helps them to visit the hospital on time and users will never miss any appointments.

Ride tracking– After booking the vehicle, users can keep tracking the location of the vehicle until it reaches their place.

Digital billing– Users will receive digital invoices for the transportation that is based on the distance from the patient’s place to the hospital.

SOS Panic button– In case of any emergency situation, the SOS panic button comes as a savior. If users press the button, the driver and the admin will get the alerts so that they can take necessary actions.


As a concluding thought, I would like to say a few words about online medical transportation. These services are rare and many have been longing to avail these services. Therefore this is the right time to launch your Uber health clone and proffer medical transportation to those in need.

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