Setting a Home Office? Checkout the Two Categories of Ceiling Lights

Do you work from home whether as a full-time office employee or as a freelancer? If so, you might have a designated office space where you can work in peace and finish projects. Just like any other office employee, you’re using a computer system and other electronic screen gadgets. However, this might strain your eyes. Moreover, due to insufficient lighting in your home, it might increase the negative effects of prolonged screen usage. Hence, it is highly recommended that you have the perfect lighting to keep your eyes relaxed while enhancing your productivity.

One of the ways you can ensure perfect lighting is by installing good quality ceiling lights in your home office space.

Now, when you start looking for ceiling lights you will find two categories of lighting fixtures:

· Ceiling lights mounted on the ceilings:These are your semi-flush lights, flush lights, utility lights, LED indirect lighting, and recessed lights. These are a lighting fixture that can be flush mounted close to the ceiling is ideal for rooms that are large or medium in size. This kind of lighting fixture is best if you desire ambient lighting in the office space.

· Hanging ceiling lights: Unlike mounted ceilings lights, hanging ceiling lights hang below the ceiling and focus the light on a particular area, hanging ceiling lights are your typical pendant lights, chandeliers, inverted pendant lights, track lighting, and island lighting. So, if you want focused lighting at your home’s office desk, the hanging ceiling lights is just the right fit. 

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