Seven Questions You Must Ask Your Prospective Hair Transplant Professional

You’ve finally decided to go for a hair transplantation. The bald patch on your head and thin hair make you conscious, and it’s time to do something about it. While some people live with a bald patch, others want to feel confident and get a full crop of hair.


Even if you do get a hair transplant procedure, you would still need to wait for a few months for the results to show. The question is – How much time do you have to wait for the results? Just like this question, you may have several other queries in your head.


Are there any side effects? Should I expect results within a month? What is the hair transplant cost in Chennai? As a consumer, you have the right to ask relevant questions, including the cost of hair transplant in Chennai. Since you’re here, allow us to share a list of 7 questions you must ask the prospective hair transplant professional. Keep reading to find out!




#1 Is it a safe procedure?


Well, you have several options available within hair transplantation as well. Different procedures, such as FUE, FUT, and DHI, can be utilized.


Hair transplantation is not unsafe because medical doctors perform it with utter precision. The doctors are also trained and certified to undertake the hair transplant process. So, you are in good hands and won’t face any concerns.



#2 Is it an effective procedure?


The next thing you must ask is whether the procedure is effective. Of course, it is! But the doctors can share their success stories of how they helped different patients.


The implanted hair will continue to grow for your whole life, so it’s for you to keep it in good condition. You need to have the patience to see the results.


#3 How many months does it take to see results?


It may take up to 12 months to a year and a half to see visible results. It’s not like hair follicles are implanted, and you see results the next day.


Have patience when you get a hair transplant procedure done.


#4 Will the results look natural?


The biggest dilemma people have is whether the results will be natural. You will be pleased to know that with procedures like DHI, you will get natural-looking results.


You may get different results with any other procedure. DHI is useful in this case!


#5 Is it a painful procedure?


DHI is not a painful procedure. Most likely, the surgeon will use some numbing agent while performing the procedure.


The patient can use this time to take a nap, listen to music, or watch television. Your doctor will ensure that you are comfortable.


#6 Is it going to be disruptive?


Not really! You can return to work the next day. A hair transplant does not hamper your quality of life or work. If you wish to take a holiday, it is your choice.


#7 Can you guarantee results?


Any doctor that makes sweeping statements should be avoided at all costs. You would want a doctor to be truthful to you about the results.


It will take time to see results, and that’s exactly what a doctor would tell you.

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