Several points of attention when installing bathroom products:

If you are planning for bathroom installation, there are several points you need to consider which we are going to discuss here.

  1. Height of the basin and washbasin in the bathroom:

One of the main points to consider when installing sinks and washbasins is the height at which these elements will be positioned. In general, the height of 85cm to 90cm between the tub and the floor is recommended.

These measures refer to the final height of the top of the vat. That is, if the vat model is supportive, the bench must be positioned lower so that the final height of the vat + bench set is 90cm.

It is important to remember that these dimensions can vary according to the height of the people who will use the bathroom. The ideal height is always that which is comfortable and ergonomically efficient for the user.

  1. Installing the toilet: pay attention to the distance of the toilet from the wall:

Attention when installing the toilet: in models with the attached box, a minimum distance between the sewer point and the outlet of the toilet is required.

By default, the sewer point must be 30 cm from the finished wall and executed with a Ø100mm pipe. The water point must be located 20 cm from the finished floor and 15 cm from the left side of the center of the basin. In addition, the sewer point must be flush with the finished floor or with a maximum of 10mm of space.

distance from the wall to the vessel: dimensions appropriate for the execution of the sewer pipe for installation of a toilet with the attached box.

  1. Choosing bathroom metals:

Try to specify all the sanitary metals of the same line and manufacturer (mixers, taps, drain valves, regulators, among others). Brands usually offer the complete line, thus guaranteeing the same design and finishing language for all parts.

This provides greater uniformity and cohesion in the project, avoiding differences in tone and style.

  1. Height of installation of accessories in the bathroom:

For greater functionality and comfort in the bath installation, it is essential that the metals and accessories are installed at appropriate heights and positions.

Large towel racks should be installed at a height of 1.50m to 1.80m from the floor and as close as possible to the stall. In the case of a bathroom used by two people, it is recommended to install two towel racks or a single one of sufficient size to accommodate two towels.

Thus, if you are planning for a bathroom renovation or any installation in the bathroom, it is advisable to hireprofessional bathroom remodeling contractors.



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