Sex dolls have an authentic feel that makes them feel like the real thing

Why are there so many adult product stores near the station? With the country’s heavy investment in public transportation, our daily transportation has become more and more convenient. There are always a lot of people passing by nearby, but did you know that besides these stations, there are also many adult product stores?

Often you may find it difficult to find nearby, but there are plenty near the station and some further out. Stations have high commercial value because they are high-traffic areas and people need to rest and relax after taking the train. Whether men or women, the demand for these adult products is increasing. They are not only convenient for people, but also bring greater benefits.

There are a lot of people near the station, and the population fluctuates greatly, so it’s quite chaotic. Ask for family planning supplies.
In fact, with the popularization of safety education, the use of consumables for family planning is more hygienic and safer, but it is best not to try squatting. This is not safe.

Physical life-like electric hip sex doll are designed to match real people. They are perfect in appearance and figure. They have a real feeling and make people feel like real people. The cost must be safer and more refined, so that every user has a better experience and better protection. Please come to our official Taobao store to order.

Like me, many people think that the frame of the True Love Doll is a bit hard, and they also have a headache because they don’t know how to dress the doll, but the doll is a doll after all.

Tools and materials: love doll, dress, gloves, stool.
1. The doll’s body has a skeleton, so it can be posed. First, raise the real doll’s hands parallel to the ears to shoulder level, palms up.
2. Raise your left hand to shoulder level and point your ear vertically toward your left palm.
3. Please open your left and right arms in parallel and make sure they are close to your ears to make it easier to put on clothes, as shown in the picture below.
4. Pass the prepared clothes through your palms and over your head.
5. After knocking down the hand that arranges the clothes, knock down the second hand to complete the sex doll dressing operation.
Note: In order to make the doll’s joints last longer, do not use excessive force when raising the arms and keep them within the operable range. If your arms feel like they’re not working properly, tap them slowly.

You need to secure the sex dolls to your head. Many of my friends who received sex dolls like me didn’t have the heads attached.

Tool materials: connectors, gloves, doll body, doll head, sofa chair.

1. Using the head screw opening, turn the connector clockwise three turns.
Turn one end of the connector clockwise three turns relative to the screw position of the head.
3. After rotating 3 times, move the head to the neck position.
4. Turn the connector attached to the head clockwise four times around the neck screw to complete the installation.
5. After the installation is completed, put on the hair cover, the hair cover will be buckled and the hair will not fall off.
NOTE: We recommend wearing gloves when installing the connector to avoid injuring your fingers. We are here to show you how to install the smart 160cm sex doll head, thank you.

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