When a person visit to sexual health clinic for treatment?

Healthy sexual well-being is part of our general physical, emotional, and social well-being. If anyone is afraid of sexual health needs( risk need, insecurity, access to good sexual health services) they may be stripped of the resources they need to make critical decisions about their bodies.

Sexual Health Care Clinic in India

Sexual Health Care Clinic in India

Young people are one of the most vulnerable groups of people facing barriers to knowledge about sexual health, particularly in developing countries. Kaya Kalp international sex and health clinic is the best sexual health care clinic in India. Sex education is the prevention intervention and the key focus point for filling this gap, especially in children aged 10-19 years. Sex education seeks to include.

Sexual wellbeing In terms of anatomy, it is a state of physical, emotional and social well-being and not simply the lack of sickness, dysfunction or infirmity (WHO). There must be a positive, productive and deferential approach to sexuality and relationships to protect sexual wellbeing.

To impart it to clients in a non-judgmental and non-discriminatory manner, these professionals should have sufficient sex-based knowledge. Counselling should allow patients to access adequate knowledge about their bodies, wellbeing and possible choices. Contraception (methods and efficacy, risks and side effects), mother-to-child transmission of HIV, HIV monitoring, STI safety and other sexual health issues should be included.

Who can use sexual health clinic :-

Anyone, no matter what their age, should go to a sexual health clinic. For particular groups of person, including young women, gay men and lesbians, some hospitals also conduct workshop to spread awareness on the sexual related problem.

In Kaya Kalp international sex & health clinic you can make an appointment for sexual health care clinic in India. Where others give drop in, where you can show up without an appointment.

There should be adequate provisions such that patients with special needs can access sexual health care, such as having access to interpreters.

In Kaya Kalp international sex and health clinic, Dr A. Kumar is a highly trained, globally known ayurvedic sex specialist/sexologist/sex counselor/sex therapy who began his practise as a sexologist in 1990 to serve patients with sexual issues, ill health, sexual illness & myths.

I found that sexual dysfunction is also an illness and must be handled as early as possible in order to lead happy, healthy, effective and fulfilled married lives, like any other disease. Life is incomplete without a satisfying and fruitful intimate relationship.

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