National Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a world class manufacturer of deep drawn metal stampings for aerospace, defense, battery, telecomm, industrial, commercial, consumer and medical industries. A custom-engineered deep drawn metal stamping can produce a one-piece seamless enclosure. In many cases, the deep drawing process provide cost effective alternatives to casting, extrusion and machining, while significantly reducing material wastage as deep drawing allows forming of parts to near net shapes. Deep Draw

We work with various materials like Cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, Monel®, titanium, Hastelloy®, Kovar®, nickel, Inconel®, Mumetal®, tantalum and others for producing durable, high-quality deep drawn stampings.

More About National Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Over 70 Years of Deep Drawn Experience

Tightest tolerance deep draw, complex shapes, sharp corners

Exotic and difficult-to-draw materials

Broad spectrum of industries served worldwide, including: Aerospace, Battery, Defense, Electronics, Fuel Cell, Industrial, Medical, Telecommunications, Commercial and Consumer. Deep Drawn Can

Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Integrated Business System

Kanban, Dock-to-Stock, VMI programs

Multi-shift production and tool room

Engineering collaboration during your design phase to ensure a robust and economical design

Utilization of National’s library of tools to reduce tooling costs

In-house tool design and fabrication

Value-added services: assembly, welding, surface coating.

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