SHANGHAI HWIN Manufacturers Ballistic Helmet For Law Enforcement Officers

Shanghai, China 16 Nov 2022 – For over 10 years, the company has produced ballistic helmets. They are not just focused on stopping bullets but also on mitigating energy transfer to the head and protecting the officer long-term by limiting traumatic brain injuries.

H WIN manufactures ballistic helmets made from a range of industry-leading protection systems. These helmets are made from aramids or other hybridized components. The company also handles all manufacturing, assembly, and distribution.

Mr. Richard Zhang marketing manager of H WIN stated that “the quality and patented technology of our supply chain allow us to create the best ballistic helmet in the world.”

Their helmets are ideal for close-quarters operations and for keeping officers engaged in combat. They ensure that counter-terrorism groups always have the right products for their missions.

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H WIN’s clients include many police agencies. They also collaborate with numerous international organizations in Europe and United States

H WIN’s most special helmet is the HW-HFAST. It has sold the most helmets around the globe. This helmet is the flagship product of H WIN.

H WIN’s helmet stops rounds and limits energy transfer. The helmet can also be made modular so that it can accept many accessories, such as visors and hearing aids. The aim is to make a system that protects officers based on their missions.

“We are constantly trying to find more advanced composite materials that can allow the products and operators to be lighter and more agile,” Mr. Richard Zhang stated. “As a company, however, we don’t want to sacrifice weight for protection.

H WIN is developing lighter-weight solutions while adhering to its strict ballistic standards. These standards are the highest in the industry. They are keen to ensure that quality and protection are the main focus and modularity and accessories follow.

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