Shared Decision-Making For A Partial Knee

We recently did a partial knee replacement for one of our patients. She is 80 years young, which is hard to believe as seen in this picture. She is very active yet struggled with knee pain due to a correctable knock knee deformity. She had seen several other surgeons and was not offered what she wanted – a partial knee replacement. Robotic knee and hip drs Oklahoma City

We discussed the risks of surgery and risk of failure with a partial knee replacement. She and her husband decided to take the risk and are very satisfied with her improved leg alignment, reduced pain and increased function at 6 weeks. Orthopedic okc

As a surgeon and orthopedic team, we strive to discuss all options and collectively determine what’s best for the patient.  We desire to provide quality patient care throughout the entire process, which requires listening and shared decision-making.

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