$SHELON The New Top Dog

SHELON was launched the 21st of June with the sun close to the fixed star Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse is pronounced Beetlejuice just like the famous movie Beetlejuice. The movie with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder from 1988. While Beetlejuice was a ghost rather than a monster, Degenomics still chose MonsterCoins to promote the August NFT drop for the Shelon Token. 

$SHELON has BabyDoge potential

The question the crypto community is asking it self is if Shelon will become the next Babydoge or even the next Shib? This is of course of special interest to early investors as Shelon BSC is still a baby when it comes to market capitalization. However, the developer has been very clear from the beginning that Shelon is to become based project for people with a long term vision. 

$SHELON – the Iranian connection

As $SHELON was released it was very apparent that peole in IRAN took a liking to it. Very soon after the release an Iranian call group knew the token was hot. Iran was former known as Persia with the legendary Thousand and One night. With 83-84 million people living in Iran this is a state that could take almost any crypto to the moon. Especially the microcap ones can get great liquidity from Iranian investors. 

$SHELON – sister of $SHIB

Do we know that Shelon can become the next Babydoge or the next Shiba Inu? Actually, this is only based on hope, faith, dreamsand speculation. There are no guarantees in crypto and if you ask the general guy on the street they might prefer catcoins like BobaInu or Dinger. $SHELON is still a dog-based coin and if history were to rhyme or repeat itself then things are looking good for $SHELON. Shelon is not called the Sister of Shib for nothing. 

The doxxing of  the $SHELON Dev

The developer of $SHELON did not want to come out as he was protecting his other creation the Meme Universe. Degenomics had created Catpepe and AwkwardTurtleBSC with great love. He had spent a lot of money to get the staking pools at PoorQuack running. It was no secret that Degenomics was the creator of Catpepe and AwkwardTurtle, but in the beginning he kept himself unknown to his holders and supporters in $SHELON. Eventually people from FarmerDoge, Baby Revolt and a few other crypto communities had a hunch that it was Degenomics who was behind SHELON as well. So as he changed the tokenonomics of Catpepe and pulled back on TURTLE he doxxed himself to the world. From that day on around the 8th of August 2022 it was no secret anymore. Degen was the dev. 

Central exchange listings

Some of the more common questions are when $SHELON is supposed to be listed at Binance or Kucoin. While a listing is in the plans long term, at the moment PancakeSwap is the exchange of choice .PancakeSwap or PCS is better as it is a decentralized exchange. The team behind $SHELON is keeping their expenses low. They are frugal. They know that wasting money on exchange listings like BitGlobal, Bitmart, Digifinex or Lbank is not always rewarded. 

The Community of $SHELON

The community of $SHELON is a community of friendship and mental health. Degenomics wants to reward people who are motivated to make Shelon a successful meme coin. We all know that was the secret sauce of the rise of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu so three times once again be a charm. If you have been into blockchain for a while you know that the network is what creates the value. The network is the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB and Cronos. The network is also the value of $SHELON and other meme coins. 

The nether reaches of $SHELON

How far can $SHELON BSC actually go? Well if we return to the movie Beetlejuice there were other prominent stars of this movie besides Michael Keaton. The couple who died and became ghosts in the house were played by Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin.

Geena Davis had huge success in Thelma and Louise, The Long Kiss Goodnight and a Leauge of their own. Alec Baldwin had his successes in The Departed, It’s complicated and The Cooler. 

So the question is if SHELON will be a long kiss goodnight or play in a leauge of its own? If it will depart to the moon or if it will be put into the cooler. 

I guess we might have to say it’s complicated to predict the success of SHELON…

The amazing success of Keaton in The Founder and Batman and Winona Ryder in the cult movie Edvard Scissorhands are good omens for $SHELON.

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