Suppose there’s a place that is like it was in the colonial period, that’s Shimla. The capital city of Himachal Pradesh sits at 2200m high and is surrounded by stunning mountains with stunning valleys and enchanting forests. It is among the top places for solo travelers as well as couples and families. Shimla has been drawing thousands in the last 50 years and even more.

As the summer capital of the British, this beautiful town preserves its charming façade with stunning architecture, gorgeous churches, and temples even in the present. Also, don’t forget the pedestrian-friendly Mall street where you can take a stroll through the town’s center. If you’ve not visited Shimla already, you should plan a trip very soon. If you plan a trip with your family or go by yourself or make it a girls-only getaway, Shimla has plenty to keep you entertained and engaged. Kesari Tours Kesari Tours thought you would want to know all sorts of details before choosing the Shimla tour package you want to take on your next trip.


The best timing to go, Shimla

Shimla is a year-round tourist destination. The ideal time to go to Shimla to enjoy a wonderful vacation is during the summer months from March through June, if you like an ideal climate in the daytime. It’s one of the most effective ways to beat the heat of summer in other regions of India. On the other hand, if you’re looking to go on a holiday with snow from November through February, they are the ideal time to travel.

Shimla is famous for its breathtaking Victorian architecture, sparkling lakes, and natural beauty that leaves you staring at it with awe. It is referred to as Shimla is the Queen of Hill Stations in the north; it is possible to make a weekend trip to Shimla or take your time to enjoy the amazing climate.


Visits to places to go

We know you’d like to discover the town and its sights quickly, especially if you’re in a hurry. But, you should take the time to take your time and take in the stunning landscapes and enjoying the snow if you’re traveling during winter. Check out the must-see places on your tour of Shimla.

It is the Shimla Ridge: To soak in the beauty of nature, take Instagram-worthy pictures and shop until you’re satisfied, go to Shimla Ridge. Shimla Ridge. In the city’s center, the Ridge provides one of the most stunning views of the majestic Himalayas. A vast open space that runs along Mall Road. Mall Road is equally popular in Shimla The Ridge connects you with the Scandal Point too. It is a great place to shop, eat and shop at local eateries, go to the magnificent Christ Church, explore the Tudor library, and relish the stunning views over the town. The museum is open daily between 8 am and 6 pm.


Christ Church: If you are a fan of architecture, then a wonderful model of Neo-Gothic architecture can be found in Christ Church. Christ Church sited on the Ridge. It was built in 1857. The church is a vital component of Shimla. The beautiful stained-glass windows, the inside murals, as well as the towering clock make this church a must to visit. It houses one of the biggest pipe organs in India and has been part of many well-known Bollywood films such as 3 Idiots and Black. It is accessible every day and is an excellent location to study the past, architectural styles and click pictures.


Summer Hill: On the fringes of Shimla is a charming town known as Summer Hill, where potters collected clay to make their pottery. Also known as Potter’s Hill is 1283m above sea level, offering breathtaking panoramas of a lush valley with lush vegetation around. It’s located about 5km from the Ridge and is one of seven hills that create Shimla. Make sure to look out over the sunrise as the sun reveals stunning mountains in shades of purple and orange. It is possible to spend the day exploring the beautiful town. Make sure to visit the beautiful Chadwick Falls and a ride on the train Kalka-Shimla.


Annandale: Aren’t you wondering what Annandale is? It is the place in which the British played polo, cricket or raced horse. It was named Annadale. The place is now home to an undeveloped golf course, Helipad, and an Army museum. The museum admission is free, and it’s open from 10 am to 2 pm between 3 pm and 5 pm Tuesday through Sunday. It’s about 4 kilometers far from Annandale Ridge and is known for its trails to hike. It is possible to plan an excursion up to Glen as well as the top point in Annandale. Enjoy nature and the peace and tranquility of the beautiful gardens close by. There is a Cactus museum located nearby.


Manali trip, where snow-capped mountains beckon you

It’s not like a Shimla trip is truly complete without a visit to Manali as well. It is nestled between the snow-covered mountains in the Pir Panjal, and Dhauladhar Ranges Manali is one of the most popular hills in India. It is a stunning place with breathtaking views, green forests, vast landscapes dotted with blooms, a plethora of blue tributaries, and a constant fairytale-like mist scented by pine that lingers throughout the night; Manali is home to breathtaking picturesque beauty. From charming tiny hippie hamlets to lively high-end streets, museums, temples as well as river-based adventures and trek tracks, Manali has several reasons it’s a popular tourist destination all season. Make sure to check out Manali-Shimla tours.

The best time to go to Manali

One of the most enjoyable seasons to go to Manali is during winter and you can contact them to capture a trip for the Manali Tour Package. It runs from October through February. For those who like snowfall, Jan is the best month to experience fresh snowfall. Make sure you have warm clothing in case temperatures drop below 0 degrees C. If it’s an ideal climate you’re looking for, then the summer period from March to June is the ideal time.

Manali is renowned for its clean streets, the tall eucalyptus tree and charming eateries, quaint markets, and charming cafés that serve delicious local cuisine at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for an idyllic and peaceful spot in which you can listen to the birds tweeting while an eerie Kullu River roars in the background If so, Old Manali is the place to be. Manali package is also known for its adventure sports like paragliding, skiing, rafting and mountaineering, and the famous Mall Road.



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