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Aiott fully meets Dallas’s requirements: sports, back-far emergency lines, to the Prescott sharing pressure and provide you with cover. He is the biggest hero that cowboy has 9 wins in the first regular season in 2015.

The recent coaching experience of the 67-year-old Gaoli was served as a New York Jet Offense Coordinator in 2016. After that, he chose retired and ended 42 years of coaching career. He served as the coach of Dallas Cowboy (1998-99) and Buffalo (2010-12), and served as an offensive coordinator for 5 Nfl Jerseys teams, including 2000-01 serving as a dolphin offensive coordinator.

“Brock is one of my good friends. It is a good teammate, I understand what he means,” Gao Fu said. “He apologized very quickly … I love Bolk. Sometimes this happens, but he is my friend. I love Bolk, he will contact me quickly after that, we have No unhappy. Everything we are better. ”

The lion defensive cut Brock: Apologize to the four-point guard for the devaluation of words
At the beginning of March, when the Los Angeles ram introduced a new quarter-saving, the defensive cutah Michael Brockers was very excited.

“I told him that he can enter the celebrities,” Weaver said. “But you must meet some conditions, such as maintaining health, stability and perseverance. However, he itself has all the quality of these goals.”

The ram fans may know BROx’s meaning: introducing Stafford marks the team will strive for championships in recent years. They have not willing to wait for Gaoff slowly to grow into the elite quarterfield, and they now have a quarter-saving that can lead them farther.

Now, BROx has become a member of the lion, and 30 years old will try to help the new east to reverse the trend, and he also hopes that Gao Fu will not have any dissatisfaction with him. Gao Fu was asked in Monday that everything is as usual.

Bird was played in Buffalo Bore in his career, and his performance was excellent, and 22 copies were obtained in 66 first. In 2014, he joined the New Orleans Saint of $ 56 million in a contract of $ 56 million. But he is there being injured and poor performance, causing him to be cut off this year.

Here I have to write specific data, and his data is really incredible. In his first three seasons, Beckham brought 288 times, a total of 4122 yards and got 35 reaches. That is to say, the average of 96 battles per season, 1374 yards, 12 reacted!

This giant’s safety and Wei has excellent defensive capabilities (上 五He is also an important member of this high-altitude defensive group, and the giant defensive group released the second few other points in the last season.

Black Lega has announced that they have signed safe Wei Jairus Byrd that has been selected for career bowls. He will fill the vacancies left by Kobman due to the lack of sprays in the inside of the knee.

It is worth noting that while coaching Bill and jet, Ryan Fitzpatrick is his first quarter-off. In the case of the unfavorable situation in this season, Fitz Patrick still dedicated to the performance, and Ga Li joined dolphins seem to mean that the dolphins are intended to make Fitz Patrick will play a season for the team.

In the last season of jet coaching, Gaoli uses a large number of three outer junctions and four outer junctions. Given the current lineup of dolphins and the reality of lack of mushroom attack, it is expected that dolphins are more reliable in the next season.

In last week, the Pirates of the Nicotida, and the Anthony Barr, which caused the Pirate near the Austin, Austin Seferian-jenkins, and put the ball cheap jerseys from china all the way back to the battle to get killing. In the process of Barn attack, the pirate new show, Mike Evans, who worked hard. Smith deliberately take it out and satiric acid earth: “Evans is like a security guard when they are scholars, he can’t keep it at all, take the initiative to fight.”

Gaoli is one of the coaches that take the lead in the NFL competition, and now he returns to the union of the passing of the ball. In the two seasons of the jet offensive coordinator, the Gaoli offensive group ranked 10th and 11th in 2015, but declined to 26 and 30 in 2016. He is a resume of the offensive coordinator.

Take this opportunity, let’s take a look at what is the 2nd young player under the age of 24 with this potential? I don’t care about their glamorous record. I just try to find out the kind of rare talent similar to Clailney. Here I lists young players who are most likely to enter the celebrities, they are also nine distinctive style.

Earlier this week, Claien said that these words were deeply imposed on him. “I am not surprised by his evaluation. He saw my potential, I have a communication very often. He has been witnessing my training. And taught me. I am full of respect and will have a good answer to my answer on the field. ”

Other candidates: Dakpriscot, Quadruple, Dallas Cowboy; Tao Degel, Runaway, Los Angeles Ran; Marcus Mario Tower, Quadruple, Tennesi Titan; Jelenlan Ji, Corner, Jackson Will America; Jordan Huande, Run, Chicago Bear; Tarikshire, Exterior, Kansas Emirates

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