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When a person makes a website for themselves or their business, they think of what should be the name of the website and the URL. A URL is a link that you use to go to a particular website. Therefore, the URL of any website is the most important element of it. URL is the first thing that a user will notice when he/she visit your webpage and to make it more interesting for the users, you should have an attractive and short URL. is free link shortener online portal that helps you to shorten the URL. A shorter link help you in improving search engine ranking, gain user’s trust, makes sharing easy, helps in easy growth and it aligns your content with the user’s expectation. That is why having a shorter URL is great for your website. give you the opportunity to use this free platform free of cost and also it is easy to use. The best part about using is you not only get a shorter URL but in addition to that, you even earn money for it. Yes, you got that right, you get a chance to shorten URLs and earn money sitting at home by just shortening your URL and sharing it on social media. You need to follow just a few simple steps to get a shorter URL and get the money. First, create an account and start sorting your link, then share the shortened URL on the Internet and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter etc. Once this is done, you start to get money when a person clicks on the URL. On each click, you get a certain amount.

Having a shorter URL makes it easy for you to share it. is the best platform that is providing you with a chance to share link and earn money that no other platform offers. When people start clicking and visiting your URL, you start to get the money. Not only that, you have a chance to gain an extra 25% on referring to your friends. They even provide you with detailed stats of who is visiting your website and how many clicks are there on it. They transfer the money you earn through PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin and Skrill. Without a doubt, it is the best platform to avail such services.

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