Should I opt for a dedicated server?

So far, we guess now you know what a Dedicated Server is, how it works and what advantages it offers over VPS, but still you may have the doubt: should you opt for a Dedicated Server instead of a shared service or cheap VPS servers for my business?

For you to make the best decision, you have to take several factors into account.

Web dependence: 

If the business systems are completely assembled on the internet and require constant access from a significant amount of equipment, perhaps you should opt for a Dedicated Server. It offers you greater security and all physical resources will be at your disposal.

Importance of information: 

If the information of the company is delicate, it would be best to opt for 10gbps dedicated server but even if you choose to lease one, you have the assurance that no one will have access to the information since the access codes and everything related to administrative tasks are borne by the client.

Also, these types of servers offer many options to make security backups.

Virtualize multiple servers: 

Most medium / large companies need several servers to perform their activities: accounting, backups, document management, printing, website hosting, etc. Bitcoin dedicated servers offer you the possibility to virtualize all those servers on one computer.

What is your relationship with web hosting?

Web Hosting services are created from a Dedicated Server configured for that purpose.

On a Dedicated Server, an operating system and the necessary services are installed to offer Web Hosting clients their respective shared hosting keys.

The other option of Web Hosting is the rent of VPS for its clients; In this case, a special operating system for virtualization of the VPS servers will be installed on the Dedicated Server and will be rented independently.

Where to get a dedicated server?

On rent:

One of the options is to rent it to one of the many Web Hosting companies in the market. There are hundreds of options, but let’s say just two:

GoDaddy Official Site:

The simplest Dedicated Server with Linux OS is 2 GB of RAM, 512 GB of Hard Disk and a monthly transfer of 5 TB.

The most advanced Dedicated Server with Linux OS is 32 GB of RAM, 2 TB of Hard Disk and a monthly transfer of 20 TB.

Purchase dedicated server:

You can buy the server from any of the leading websites such as Choose the best yet cheap VPS server bitcoin that suits you according to your needs and budget.






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