Should you buy Robotic Pool cleaners?


With everyone being busy and desiring to spend the extra time relaxing, we see more and more people turning to automatic pool cleaners recently. If you have ever been to someone’s house and seen a small underwater robot having a great time in their pool, that is a robotic pool cleaner. These work with your filtration system to keep algae and dirt from building in your swimming pool. This, in turn, helps to take the stress off your filter, making it last longer with less maintenance and helps to keep your pool water crystal clear. Whether you have an in-ground swimming pool or above ground swimming pool, there are three primary types of pool cleaners to pick from.

Suction cleaners:

Suction cleaners are the most cost-effective options and have become a favourite pool tool for many busy homeowners. It can be connected to your existing dedicated suction line and travels around your pool, sucking up dirt and sending it through to your pool filtration system. These are great for removing medium-sized debris and can be set to remove small debris such as sand or slit. Some models even climb walls to clean expanded areas. Suction cleaners work when your pump runs, so you don’t have to lose anymore or less electricity than usual if you utilise it inside your normal filter cycle.

Pressure cleaners:

This type of cleaners uses water pressure from a dedicated booster pump to drive the cleaners around the pool forcing dust and debris into the filter bag where it can be easily collected and removed. Moreover, since these cleaners have a filter bag attached, you don’t have to add any additional stress to your existing pool filter. These cleaners are great for picking up large and medium-sized debris.

Robotic cleaners:

When we refer to robotic pool cleaners, you can emphasize the term robot for extra cool points that these cleaners don’t really need any help. First of all, they pick debris of all sizes in the pool so they can do the expected job with perfection. On top of that, they do not attach to any part of the pool’s existing filtration system. So neither your filter nor your pump will have extra strain put on them. How is this even possible? Robotic pool cleaners like the zodiac robotic pool cleaner are self-contained filtration systems in and of themselves. So they reduce your overall power utilization and cost, making them the most energy-efficient automatic cleaners in the industry. Premium models come equipped with added features like waterline scrubbing, remote controls, programmable cleaning cycles, and a four-wheel drive. Buy them and put them in the pool—no hooking up to existing equipment, no tools needed. Just grab and go.

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