Should you install a walk-in shower in your Bathroom?


The bathroom is one of the best rooms to choose from for a home renovation project. It is the room that receives regular use, and it is where your guests will have access to. As such, bathroom renovations in Sydney add functionality to the home and also increase its value and aesthetic appeal. There are many ways to get a great looking bathroom with bathroom renovation packages. However, most of us choose to add a shower. If you are struggling to choose between a standard shower cubicle, a walk-in shower, or a shower that is fitted over the bathtub, this post is for you. Walk-in showers are all the renovation rage these days, and we are going to tell you why you should install a walk-in shower.

Walk-in showers are easy to clean:

A sleek walk-in shower is much easier and quicker to clean than a standard cubical shower or a bathtub. That is because the shower floor can be simply steamed and mopped along with the rest of the bathroom floor as it is all one floor and the toughened glass shower screen just need a quick spray to gleam all day. There are also far fewer edges and corners to grow mould and collect debris. No hinges or door handles to get dirty and no shower curtains that always get mouldy.

Walk-in showers use space wisely:

Say you have a small bathroom and want to squeeze in both a separate shower and a tub into the small space. In that case, your best option is a walk-in shower, as a shower cubicle is unlikely to fit in. Despite the size of your bathroom, a walk-in shower will make it look spacious as the floor is continuous through space.

No matter the size of your bathroom, a walk-in shower can be designed to fit into even the most awkward and smallest of spaces. Talk to bathroom specialists in Sydney to find the right size needed for your bathroom.

Walk-in showers are more accessible:

Just like how they provide better access for cleaning, walk-in showers are a safer option than other tub style designs. It is especially helpful for people with limited mobility and the elderly. With a tub, you have to step over the sides of the tub to enter the shower, whereas you can simply walk-in or even wheel into a walk-in shower.

It looks fabulous:

Showers can improve the flow within your bathroom, giving it a high-end designer feel. Whenever you see pictures of walk-in showers, they always look luxurious, minimalistic, and sleek, which not only gives your bathroom an excellent spa-like ambiance but also increases your home’s value.

The author is a Sydney-based bathroom renovation specialist. With a team of passionate professionals, he offers a range of bathroom packages that makes bathroom remodelling an easy and seamless process. For expert advice from bathroom specialists in Sydney, visit

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