Should You Install Driveway Gates? A Few Reasons to Consider It

Of the many home improvement additions to consider, a driveway gate is usually far and away one of the most coveted features. There is just something appealing about having a gate to separate your personal home from the outside world.

Here are a few reasons why people love their gates and why you should take the next step to experience the heightened security and curb appeal of driveway gates for yourself.

Gates Increase Security

Probably the most apparent benefit of driveway gates is the added security and privacy that they’ll add to your property. Having a barrier between you and the street with a fence around your yard is just one more layer of security that any would-be intruder (or solicitor) needs to get through.

You get full control over who can come onto your property and who can’t, and the privacy from the public street is hard to beat. If you prefer the private house on the hill vibe and want something to separate your home from the outside world, a driveway gate is a must.

Driveway Gates Are Safety Features

In addition to security and privacy, parents and pet owners appreciate the protection that a driveway gate offers. If you live off of a busy street with cars passing by all day, a closed driveway gate gives the peace of mind knowing your kids and pets can play freely without accidentally running into the street. When making your purchasing decision, make sure that you buy an automatic electric gate opener that will close on its own to keep your property secure at all times.

Gates Keep Out Wildlife

Along with keeping out salespeople and other unwelcome guests, wild animals can also be a concern. Fortunately, gates can help keep wildlife like deer, raccoons, and others at bay. Whether you’re protecting your flower beds or your pets, a gate along with a stout fence can add another layer of protection from the wilderness.

Attractive Gates Increase Curb Appeal

Driveway gates just add a certain aesthetic right at the front of your home that will turn heads when people pass by. An attractive, well-constructed gate can make any home seem more luxurious and might even convince future buyers that your home is more valuable. In addition, if your property is protected by gates and fencing on all sides, you might be able to lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Although readily accessible and even sold online through trusted companies like ALEKO, not everyone has a driveway gate. By installing one, you’re securing your home, keeping what you want, in and what you don’t want, out.

Sturdy Automatic Gates Are More Accessible Than You Might Think

Just because every mansion in Beverly Hills has a driveway gate doesn’t mean that you need to be in the Hollywood elite to own one too. These days, companies like ALEKO offer wrought iron gates online at a perfectly accessible price. Without having to deal with a middleman and with support before and after your purchase, buying from ALEKO makes it convenient and affordable to install the perfect driveway gate for your home.


Since 2005, ALEKO has been the top choice for homeowners and commercial installers for the best-quality, most accessible driveway gates and gate openers in the business. The company was founded on the belief that quality products should be available at affordable prices, and they make that possible by cutting out the middleman and delivering quality products directly to the consumer. You can count on ALEKO for superior customer support before, during, and after your purchase. They’ll even help you find the perfect gate for your needs, and it’ll be backed by a 10-year warranty and free shipping to the continental United States.

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