Should you invest in Robotic pool cleaners?


A swimming pool can be a great asset in the warmer months, offering a venue for fun activities, partying, and barbecuing. It is also a place to relax and rest. No wonder we want to keep our swimming pool clean and attractive all day long. However, dust and debris constantly find their way into the pool, particularly if you have trees in your yard. Grass clippings, leaves, and other debris can make your swimming pool look unattractive and neglected. It doesn’t end here; this debris can also affect the pool equipment like filters. Ineffective swimming pool cleaning tools can cause a great deal of frustration; so many people are now turning towards automatic pool cleaners.

Pool vacuums and manual tools:

There is a variety of equipment and tools available to help homeowners clean their swimming pools. Manual tools, including mesh baskets and handheld nets, can prove to be ineffective, irritating, and of course, time-consuming. Also, some devices such as handheld vacuum cleaners can be backbreaking to use, and most of them simply move across the water allowing dust particles to settle later on.

Pressure and suction pool cleaners:

Suction pool cleaners are less labour intensive; however, they don’t scrub the walls or remove tough debris such as algae. Pressure cleaners, on the other hand, require installation of a special pump. This can be expensive to install in established pools, and they are also inefficient in scrubbing the surface of the swimming pool.

Automatic pool cleaners:

These automatic devices remove particles that contaminate your swimming pool to keep the water clean and hygienic. There are several benefits of owning a robotic swimming pool cleaner, and the most common are below.

More hygienic and cleaner:

Robotic pool cleaner can scrub the surface of the swimming pool to create a cleaner and more hygienic finish. These types of equipment are easy to install, and some more sophisticated models can also be used to treat the water chemically. They are available in different models and sizes to suit the particular requirements of your swimming pool.


Automatic swimming pool cleaners are self-programmable. This allows them to navigate around the water. That means your swimming pool will stay clean all day long without the need to expend your time and efforts tracking the equipment through the water.

Sanitize your pool:

While manual pool cleaners can take an average of three hours, automatic devices can clean the same sized pool in approximately 45 minutes. This ensures your swimming pool is thoroughly cleaned very quickly, which is perfect for parties and gatherings.

Clean more effectively:

Automatic pool cleaners like zodiac robotic pool cleaner can clean different types of debris from the swimming pool, including algae, leaves, and many other particles. Most automatic devices are very effective at cleaning debris regardless of the size and volume of the particles. It can also clean the debris sticking to the floor and walls of your pool effectively. This can prevent the build-up of debris which can cause damage the integrity of your pool.

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