Should you mean ring courses just look them up on the wiki.

Which do I do? I reset everytime I can not do any floors. Is this right? Do I do the lowest floor for RuneScape gold every course? DO I do rush or all rooms? Do I get xp if I just enter a dead end or do I have to kill everything? Can I train or dung? I level my own att every 3 dungs at the moment. (32 att). Fractite 2h or rapier when I could use on? I amm with a kratonite rapier becuase Tcmp made me .

Pianist said that. Around 30/40 hrs total. Is that accurate? Range=Max it could go without level.

You guys agree? I want to get 60 wc. I will just wc the best log I can. Should I train at fleshies or in hillies? Fleshies are better xp, but hillys give pray xp. Anyone want to tell me where to train following 40/40/40? Tcmp did not mention anything.

I had around 300K last week. In case merching goes well, I can hit the 1M mark by this weekend. Merching should get quicker afterward. Name Changed. Thanks again! Here I go to make it short. This weekend, I will be on for about 7 hours like I have a PD day on Friday… if I dung for 7 hours straight, or camp at hillys? Or camp at fleshies for the xp? I’ll do . What if I do? Happy? I shall bury the bones at hillys and will only leave to bank limp roots and also to test G.E. Simple. And… should I rush floors or do all chambers? Should I team or solo?

Should you mean ring courses just look them up Best OSRS Gold site on the wiki. Typically the ones which are most useful would be the melee ones. After frozen floors comes the very first set of deserted floors. 1 and 2 2. Dung is rather slow in lower levels so you are not likely to gain too much xp. Figure out how quickly you do dungeons and how much xp you get on average per dungeon. C1 or C6 depends on rate. If you’re able to do a c1 in two minutes and get 55xp then a c6 that takes 20minutes and makes you 650 xp is much better xp. 20 minutes/2 minutes = 10. 10x55xp = 550 xp at the identical period of time a c6 would gain you 650xp.

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