Show off Your Design Using Mockups

Mockups are creative, often photorealistic presentations that preview how a design could look or function in the real world. The main role of mockups is visual design. This phase solidifies the product’s color schemes, typography, iconography, and the atmosphere created from its appearance. 

As such, mockups have an advantage lower-fidelity wireframes and prototypes lack: mockups are more digestible to clients’ stakeholders.

Using mockups can make your portfolio and your social media feed look really well polished. … There are several tutorials online that will teach you how to create your own mockup templates. Using unique templates will make your artwork stand out and showcase your creative side.

Why do we need Mockups?

  1. When a client sees a visual representation of what their logo looks like on t-shirts, or what their store will look like with the logo on the door, it helps them understand the outcome of the project before going to print.
  2. Ultimately, a mockup serves as a visual draft of what a web page or application is. It is created to bring life to an idea or wireframe and allows a designer to test how various visual elements work together.
  3. Making an accurate mockup is important because it shows the client exactly what they can expect from the final product—provided the mockup’s done well.
  4. When a designer showcases an overly stylized mockup, the client gets a design deliverable that’s wildly different from what they expected.

Some of the Mockups:-


  • Business Card Mockup:

It is not something super common, but when you will need it this free folded business card mockup can be a real lifesaver. Set all the colors, paste your business card designs and the perfect presentation is ready. The Free Business Card Mockup is a professional way to showcase your work using a single PSD file. It will support your designs in a clean and unique way.


  • Tote Bag Mockup:


There are numerous different reasons why you would want to stick your design, your logo, or any other artwork to a tote bag. From apparel brands, accessories stores, and, of course, grocery stores, they all use it.

Even businesses give them away as gifts, especially the eco-friendly ones. To reduce the overall human impact on the environment and nature, people produce paper bags that should replace single-use plastic bags in the near future. 

This post showcases a high-quality Canvas Tote Bag mockup that can be used to showcase your creative designs like logos, brandings, etc. in a realistic way. paper bags are both biodegradable and recyclable. In addition, they can be shipped to a paper mill to produce new paper out of them.


  • Logo Mockup:

Logo mockups give you a preview of what your finished product will look like. They’re a critical part of designing and developing products, packaging, labels, apps, apparel, and nearly everything else because they show how the design will be stretched, draped, formatted, and fitted when it’s complete.

 Brand yourself the right way and have a better understanding of your logo from the early stages. You can keep on brainstorming it and trying out different logo mockup templates until you are fully satisfied with the outcome. 

In other words, these are also great for prototyping and keeping the workflow at the highest degree. Logos are a vital part of any branding campaign, and a logo mockup is an important part of creating a logo.


  • Packaging mockup:

Product packaging draws attention and sells by creatively and unique setting that product or brand apart. Packaging Mockup is the first customers see when they’re shopping for a product. Within a few seconds, a decision about that product will be made, determining whether the potential customer will make a purchase or keep looking.

When giving a branding or packaging presentation to a client, you need to have the mockup as close to the final product as you can. This way the client will understand exactly how the product will look like with your design on it, and it increases your chances of approval.


The final stages of a project are typically a stressful time for a designer because the moment to present your work to the client is fast approaching. It means that the hardest work is yet to be done, the moment when you explain your concept and try to make it more attractive to the client.

It is how a designer presents their work to their clients, no matter how large or small the project or the client. A Free good mockup will enhance the design presentation as well as save time. It makes the whole design process more efficient and streamlined.

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