Showcase Your Voice with Professional Vocal Reels from Singing Demos

Have you been studying music and want to make a career as a successful singer? If yes, then before you graduate, it would be wise to record your voice. You might be wondering what we mean by recording your voice. To explain in brief, we are suggesting you make a vocal reel that records your voice, in professional recording studio quality. This is important if you want to find musical theatre projects that suit your voice. Most agents will ask for a vocal reel so that they can find singing auditions for you. Now, don’t just use your mobile phone for a vocal reel, instead, make sure to do it in a professional recording studio such as at Singing Demos.

Singing Demos is a well-known recording studio that is exclusively dedicated to providing you with a professional voice recording setup. Established by Mitch Jarvis, Singing Demos was born with a vision to offer aspiring singers like you with special expertise to record their voices for musical theatres. Nine years later, this studio has helped several aspiring and established singers create singing reels that have helped them get noticed by casting directors immediately. So, what can you expect in the vocal reel package offered by Singing Demos? In this package, you will get:

• Two snippet tracks

• Two full-length tracks

• One video clip and

• One fully edited vocal reel

Apart from the vocal reel, you will also get individual tracks as separate files. All vocal reels recording sessions are of 2.5 hours in their recording studio. After the recording is done, you will get the tracks edited and mixed in 48 hours, ready to upload. The vocal reel package is affordable and if you are a student, you are eligible for a discount. Visit their website to checkout the details.

Why should you choose Singing Demos? The answer is simple. The recording studio has a professional and experienced team that will make sure that you leave the studio with maximum satisfaction. Your vision to achieve success in the world of musical theatre aligns with the studio’s goal to assist their clients in putting their best foot forward. So, whenever you decide to make London vocal reels to showcase your voice talent, make sure you contact Singing Demos. To know more details about their package, send them a direct message through their website. Or you can contact them via email or call 07808209350.

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