Shower Boards – Bathroom Safety Solution for Elder

A shower is an essential part of the day to refresh and relax. But sometimes relaxation could be a tragedy for senior adults as they are prone to frequent falls. The reason for a fall could be either loss of balance, slippery surface or an obstacle on the floor. To prevent this, it is essential that elderly people feel safe when in the bathroom.

Bathroom mobility aids like shower seat and shower chair, adjustable shower head, and more are available to improve mobility in the shower. Investing in a shower board is necessary not just to provide safety but also enhance the confidence in aged people.

Two Reasons Why Mobility Aids are Important

Improves Safety: If the chances of falling in the bathroom are constantly in the mind of an elderly person, then bathroom aids can put them at ease. Making use of support aids will enhance safety by lessening the chances of falling.

Makes you Independent: Shower aids by assisting to get in and out of the shower, makes the person more independent as he/she can enjoy the shower without anybody’s assistance. This self-reliance even keeps the person motivated to carry out their own tasks.

What is a Shower Board

It provides a sealed platform over the bath so that stepping in and out of the shower becomes easy. The major aim of the board is to provide a support surface that enables safe showering in a seated platform.

Choosing the Best One

  • The size of the board and quality of material will determine how comfortable the board is. For instance, most metal equipment is sturdy while ones made of plastic are not strong enough. It entirely depends on your needs. The below information will help you choose the best board for your loved one.
  • A board of moulded plastic is generally lightweight, and easy-to-clean. It is also a very handy tool that is resistant to damage and works for a long period of time.
  • If you are looking for a smooth surface that enables the person to slide across onto the board, then a wooden painted board is a good option. However, with daily usage, the coating may wash away. So, you have to maintain it regularly.
  • If you want a board for somebody who is heavy then you can go for coated metal. These boards are stronger and heavier and therefore can withstand the weight for a prolonged time. Moreover, the metal coating also provides a smoother surface for an easy glide.
  • Padded boards are best for elders who are bony and for those who suffer excessive pain. The padded cushions will provide a great deal of comfort and decrease pain.
  • Checking the weight capacity of the board is necessary because if it is not adequate then the chances of fall despite using an aid increase.
  • Using the correct length is also very important. If it is too short then it will not provide enough support. If it is too long than expected, there are chances of the person tipping forward if he/she sits at the very edge of the board.

Once you purchase the board, the next step is to learn the proper way of using it so that the person feels safe. For this, the first step is to put the board securely in a place by tightening the screws. If the board has a handle, position them at the edges. After installing the board, the next procedure is to assist the elderly person especially if he/she is using the board for the first time. Help them sit down safely and encourage them to take a shower without any worry.


If you have an elderly person at home, purchasing mobility aids like a shower board will provide a great deal of comfort while using the bathroom. It will make bathing an easier and relaxing experience.

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