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As in all situations in the epidemic, many cases may change in the next few months. If all seasons are all smooth, the alliance may also think that there is no need to set up the isolation zone. But it is also possible that the team that enters the playoffs will eventually set up the isolation zone itself.

There are 11 people in this selection of Michigan, and the university is also a new record of the University of Michigan. The University of Alabama is selected. There are 4 people in the first round, and only two people in the University of Michigan (another person is the Cowboy Collection of Taco Charlton, Miami), 9 people in Miami, Frero Rida, LSU and Utah have 8 people.

Of course, it is “a lot of loss of loss is not the responsibility of the defensive group”. When I was asked, Williams played a dumb mirror. “You have to figure it out.” He said, then ended the interview.

In an interview, Troy Vincent, vice president of NFL responsible for the operation of the cheap nfl jerseys, said that the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton, recommended to set up a quarter cheap jerseys From China the recently participating competition conference call. Facman.

11 people at the University of Michigan were selected, the number is most
On Thursday night, Cleveland Brown selected Gabrill Peppers with the first round of the No. 25, which made him a selected player in the University of Michigan. However, he is not alone, until the 7th round has his companion.

Williams may refer to the competition of the Indiana Polis on the third week, and the offensive group was passed down to the opponent to get 12 points. The jet offensive group is only 15 points, and the total propulsion code and the buses are also close to the outstanding level of the alliance, so that the performance of the defensive group is in a difficult situation.

Lightning take advantage of double tight end tactics, Lada Cornelius – Green is a key figure, he was able to be able to cover the ball, can act as a fullback, he is the most flexible team position players. Door to a young man played basketball, participated in the formal NCAA basketball tournament, this has not to say, now 34 years old this year over the door, it relies not on the first step in fierce extraordinary speed, nor is it accurate road running, and more see, experience is far better than the marker, as well as stable catcher, breaking the Seahawks game, his three touchdowns.

Senior fans will pass action Tucao river ugly, with age, the river pass action essentially unchanged, after last season, the team played a short pass to change the system, the river passing more and more accurate, more sinister, 69.5% hit rate hit a career-high is proof. Even more critical part of that river true shooting percentage last season, when faced with stress 69.9, third in the league, the scene of mass pressure time for the 7 5, which is like a basketball game, the other got you into just dead inside you can still hit the third jump, you can imagine how frustrated the defense group would have.

“This is not a very good data & mdash; & mdash; where many of them are not all responsibility for defensive groups,” Williams said on Friday training. “The score shows these scores, we need to play outstanding in the field, how to do this, rely on letting them use any ball shooting, need to perform better in the opponent’s offensive initiation.”

A meter fails, the regeneration of a meter, lightning continued according to side fill a prescription, but this time they are more obvious, right side door only amplify a tight end, left side is lined up three wide receivers, the Seahawks can only defense forces are all located to the right, Sherman also went to an unfamiliar right side of the slot marker, the entire left side of the left security guard and linebacker them. After the kick-off, the left side of the lightning flourishing, but this is only a feint to the right Woodhead turned around and ran a route, allowing the Seahawks linebacker rushed over, just outside the door and Kanmu – Chancellor singled to complete the ball on the line NS. A few minutes later, the lightning with exactly the same tactics, but this time by the river pass rush pressure, but he quickly escaped the pressure, still throw a pass door right mind touchdown pass, the ball is over the money Chrysler. Chancellor is a master of defense, man to man may not be able to get the door, losing two touchdowns were his responsibility. (As shown below)

Briser received an interview on Friday. Although he repeatedly stressed that the saints can only control things within such as their own ability, Bris still expressed the disappointment for Gudel failed to speak in time.

On Friday, the team defensive coordinator Greg Williams slammed the performance of the team offensive group in an interview, indicating that the team’s loss is not all the responsibility of the defensive group.

Red Zone offense, the lightning deal with Sherman’s plan is another: Tiaohulishan. Initially, only the right side of the lightning let stand a slot to take over, all the troops concentrated on the left, Sherman corresponding slot can only stand to face the name of the slot to take over after the kick-off, move to the inside groove to take over, HY entire defense is left open neutral, Woodhead kill almost complete from the field after touchdown. (As shown below)

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