Significance of Quartz and garnet in life

With uncountable patterns and colors of gemstone, rose quartz and garnet are most popular among all. Not only because they have a captivate appearance, but they have some great significance on our lives as well. Since ages, people wear these stones by studding them into jewelry pieces.


If you have noticed, garnet earrings are very popular among women from every corner of the world, whereas men wear garnet rings. Talking about the power these stones holds, they really affect our lifestyle and lead it towards the positive direction. Where garnet has healing power and a spiritual influence over our bodies, rose quartz gives peace and love to mind.

Can anyone wear it?

Many astrologers also claim that, by putting on rose quartz earrings, one can have the right influence on her life. This stone emits powerful radiations around you that keeps you on a calm state of mind and attracts love in your life. The best part is, it is effect on everyone, no matter what your sun and moon sign is.

When you wear rose quartz earring, you open heart to all kind of loves without any prejudice and you also attract love. You feel more rhythms in your life with a peaceful mind. Fact says that when you live happy, you look young and so, this stone makes you look younger and attractive.

On the other hand, garnet is a stone especially for January born people, but it has nearly the same strong effects on people born in different months. If you are feeling a lack of spirituality then garnet is the right gemstone earrings for you no matter what you date of birth is. These minerals attract accurate frequencies from the universe to make you life balanced.

People in urban places often wear it as a sophisticated jewelry, they unknowingly have a great impact of these gems on their lives.




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