Significance of the YouTube parental control system

YouTube is generally thought of as a harmless video browsing platform, but there are some inappropriate videos that are not suitable for kids who can be exposed to some ugly content on the app while watching their everyday favorite videos. It is important that you have some sort of parental control for android configured on your phone that your kids will use to browse and watch videos on YouTube, this filter will protect them from accessing any such videos that could do some psychological and emotional damage in their growing stage into adolescents, as a guardian you should be aware of the importance of protecting your child’s innocence and restrict YouTube on android, they should enjoy their childhood and not be exposed to the hideousness of the world until they grow up into teenagers.

The YouTube safety mode

There are plenty of benefits when you use the YouTube safety mode on Android, it can enable you to browse the video app without inappropriate content coming up in the search results, this feature is also known as restricted mode, but there is also a downside to it, if your kid does figure out how to configure or remove this setting then it will not work to your benefit.

For Android, these are the steps you can follow to filter YouTube content

  • You can click on the settings tab from the account menu.
  • There will be two options available that say do not filter and strict, choose any of them, depending on your requirement.

Spyzie is your reliable YouTube video monitoring app

The YouTube restriction alone cannot be too helpful as it won’t necessarily protect your kids from every inappropriate content, and this is why you need a better YouTube parental control app. Spyzie helps in the YouTube restriction that fits and meets this requirement of any parent like a glove.

Spyzie is a great app that helps to scrutinize the daily activities on your Android device and iPhone; it is a go-to choice for so many parents that wish to keep their kids safe from the dark side of the internet. Spyzie can be every guardian’s supportive shoulder.

Here are some great features of Spyzie

  • It can keep a hawk eye on the browsing history of your child on YouTube, whichever videos they have been seeing will be captured.
  • You have the facility of taking screenshots of their time they spent online on YouTube.
  • The words they type in to view videos can all be tracked with the facility of key-logger
  • The downloads or the subscriptions, the likes and comments made by them can all be strictly monitored via this wonderful app.

With Spyzie your children are in safe hands You have plenty of worries as a parent about your kids that have your phone most of the time in their palms, treating it like a toy or a mini theater, today’s children are very tech-efficient so it is important that they do not go in the wrong direction, given that YouTube can be a very raw social interactive place for your children, but with proper YouTube restriction , we can put an end to your worst nightmares, by providing you with excellent parental control for android and YouTube safety mode feature compared to any other alternative you can come across and simultaneously keep you on the alert as to where your kids might be heading.

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