Significant characteristics of the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App

PrestaShop PWA Mobile App

Because of the increase in the usage of mobile phones, eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries. Customers are more likely to get engaged in the shopping app and more likely to buy things from their phones. With the help of mobile eCommerce.

Mobile phones have made e-commerce one of the fastest-growing industries. Customers are more likely to buy things from businesses that sell goods online. It is also meeting eCommerce business goals and making more money. Customers are also getting more attracted to it because it works well and seamlessly on every device. The PrestaShop PWA App Builder will also help the store manager give customers a great native app-like experience when they visit the store. Knowband is a well-known company that makes ready-made plugins for eCommerce websites. The PrestaShop PWA App Maker plugins allow the store owner to make changes to the website without having to know how to write code.

Marketers run stores using PrestaShop PWA Mobile App because these are some of the best and most important things about it.


1. A native app experience –

The PrestaShop Progressive Web App also gives the user a fully native app-like experience, just like a real app. The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App can easily fit on the screen and devices of the customers. Whether they are on a mobile phone or a tablet and whether they use Android or iOS.

2. Add to the home screen.

Another way to keep users or visitors coming back to the shopping app is to add it to the user’s home screen. The customers don’t have to do a lot of work to add the PWA mobile app to their smartphone home screen. As soon as the users visit an eCommerce website on their mobile phones, a popup will ask them to “Add to Home Screen.” If they click on that, the PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App will be added to their home screen.

3. Mobile App interface –

The PrestaShop PWA App Creator also lets the store admin design the user interface to meet customer needs. The store admin can also edit, add, and change the home screen layout, banner, image, UI, and more without writing any code by going to the PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App backend.

4. Push Notifications –

It is also one of the most common ways to market an eCommerce business. It helps the customer get more excited about the PWA for PrestaShop by making them want to use it. If they use this PrestaShop PWA Mobile App, they will be able to find out about the most recent deals, discounts, promo codes, and more from the eCommerce store. If you run an eCommerce business, you can send push notifications manually or automatically in the shopping app.

5. Safety –

Every business that sells things on the internet should put security first. It’s also important to make sure that the mobile app is very secure and safe to use. Adding more security to the PrestaShop module will make the business more trusted and credible. The PrestaShop PWA App Builder will also make users more likely to use the app and increase their trust.


It is easy for the store admin to set up the PrestaShop PWA App Maker. The eCommerce merchant can also make more sales, get more customers to stay for a long time. It also allows the store owner to build a stronger brand by planning and strategizing. Push notifications and offline access are two of the great things about the PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App. This PrestaShop PWA App Creator will also help in increasing sales.

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