Signs It’s Time to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed


Wisdom teeth removal may become necessary and unavoidable when you are experiencing signs of tooth decay, tumour, infections and gum disease in your wisdom teeth. It’s possible to have only some wisdom teeth removed while others stay in place, but the more time they remain in your mouth, the higher your risk of developing long-term issues from neglecting them or allowing them to cause harm to other teeth. If you experience any of these common signs that it’s time to get your wisdom teeth removed, don’t delay — call your dentist in Melbourne as soon as possible!

Sore jaw

If you’re experiencing chronic pain in your jaw, wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne may be necessary. Also called third molars, wisdom teeth are located in your lower jaw and usually emerge during your late teens or early twenties. Unfortunately, these pesky teeth don’t always grow in straight or symmetrically, which can lead to discomfort and many other issues. In some cases, they may never fully emerge at all; however, they still present a danger of infection and inflammation. While most people develop wisdom teeth without a problem, sometimes extractions need to take place if there is insufficient room for them in your mouth.

Foul breath

Foul breath can be an indication of a wider problem within your mouth. If you’re experiencing oral infections or gum disease, foul breath is common. Additionally, if your teeth are decaying, you may experience a metallic taste in your mouth that leads to bad breath.

Difficulty chewing

As your wisdom teeth grow in, you may experience more difficulty with chewing and speaking. This is because your jawbone isn’t yet strong enough to support their development. Usually, your wisdom teeth don’t start breaking through until around age 17 or 18, but they can begin growing in earlier. The dentist will evaluate each case individually and determine when surgery should take place.

Tooth pain

More than a few days of discomfort is a good indication that something is wrong. A trip to your dentist can reveal infection, decay, or more serious issues such as tumours and cysts.


Tumors are an abnormal growth of cells in a tissue or organ. Tumors can form on any part of your body, and they can even spread to other parts of your body. They have different classifications depending on their cell type (i.e. benign or malignant) and location (i.e. non-cancerous or cancerous). Symptoms of a tumor vary with its classification and location. Regardless, if you suspect that you have a tumor, seek immediate medical attention from your doctor or dentist.

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