Signs That Indicate It Is Time to Call Your Electrician in Kellyville


Failure or malfunction of the electrical system can lead to deadly hazards. We have all encountered it – flickering lights or a burning smell. Haven’t you? But, have you fixed it? In most cases, NO. We often don’t think much about our electrical systems and electrical appliances until something goes wrong with it.

People always look for temporary fixes until they have the time or money to address a long-term solution. But, do you know that putting off electrical repairs is dangerous as it can lead to fire and requires the immediate attention of an electrician Kellyville? Never ignore or underestimate electrical repairs. But, how will you know when to hire an electrician? See, an electrical system won’t be failed overnight. It will show some warning signs and here are they: –

Flickering lights

Have you ever noticed lights dimming, or flickering when turning on multiple outlets? It’s a tell-tale sign that indicates that there’s an underlying issue within the electrical system. If not addressed at the right time, the wiring can deteriorate over time. You’ll never know what factors could be damaging your wiring and it can lead to fires. In worst cases, some even try to fix the electrical repairs on their own to save money which is not advisable. Always, hire an electrician Kellyville NSW when it comes to electrical repairs and emergencies.

Maybe your electrical system is outdated and requires an update or some appliances are consuming a lot of energy. If they are not wired to the circuits, it can affect the power supply. The electrician can install an additional line to service them.

A burning smell from the outlets

This is one of the signs that tells that there is an issue within your electrical system. When an electrical outlet is overheated, you could notice a burning smell. In some cases, you can notice that the outlet has been burnt and discoloured. If you notice these things, switch off the outlets, unplug all the appliances and call an emergency electrician Kellyville immediately to find the root cause and fix it.

Circuit breaker trips frequently

A circuit breaker is one of the most important elements in an electrical system. It monitors all the circuit and shut it off when it detects an overload so that it prevents the surge from damaging the electrical appliances inside your house. If the circuit breaker trips frequently, then there’s an overload issue that requires an immediate fix.


When you switch on the outlet or connect a wire, you may notice a spark. While it is normal, it is a serious issue if you notice a spark that is abnormal. It is a good idea to call in a professional electrician and get it fixed immediately.

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