Signs That Indicate You Should Visit Your Dentist


Let’s admit it; we always tend to avoid dental visits. Aren’t we? But, you are not alone. According to the Australian Dental Association, about two million Australians avoid or delay going to the dentist each year. Your hectic schedule can cause preventive health care to fall by the wayside. In addition to it, it can be tempting to overlook seemingly minor dental issues until you experience a severe toothache that doesn’t go away even after taking pain killers, and you end up visiting the 24 hour dentist Blacktown.

See, most dental problems are preventable. A dental problem won’t suddenly cause a severe toothache or infection that leads to bleeding. Perhaps, you won’t lose a tooth unless you experience trauma. They show signs which we tend to overlook for many reasons. The more you ignore the more dental problems you have to deal, and treat which could be expensive. Knowing the signs of dental problems can help you make informed decisions. The warning signs below shouldn’t be taken lightly:-

Receding Gums

Of course, gum recession is a normal part of the aging process and about 88% of seniors experience recession at least in a single tooth. But, receding gums are a sign of the early stages of gum disease. Regardless of the cause, receding gums can expose the internal structure of the teeth, including delicate tooth roots and increase the risk of infection, pain, dental decay, and tooth loss. However, when it is caught early, it could be treated and reversed.

Bleeding gums

If you see blood while brushing or flossing, it’s not normal. You should rush to the Blacktown dental clinic. It is a tell-tale sign that indicates you are developing gum disease, called periodontal disease. It is an infection of the tissues that hold the teeth in place. If not treated, gum disease can lead to bone loss around the teeth, leading to tooth loss. Swollen and tender gums and discharges from the teeth and gums are the other signs of gum disease.

Loose Teeth

Teeth should last a lifetime. But, due to poor dental hygiene or trauma, teeth might recede from the gums over time. If you notice widening gaps, it could be a sign of infection or bone loss. Also, look out for changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite or any other changes.


This is very obvious. Pain and sensitivity teeth should never be ignored. It can be due to a cavity, abscess, broken tooth, damaged filling. However, your dentist is the right person to determine the cause of your toothache.

If you notice any of the above signs, please visit your dentist in Blacktown immediately. The more you delay, the more you are risking your oral health.

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