Signs That Indicate Your Office Need a Fresh Coat of Paint


When was the last time your office was repainted? If it’s been a while, you must consider painting. When it comes to business, the first impression matters a lot. No one is going to walk into your commercial property if the building is with faded and peeling paint and worst condition. Unfortunately, we live in a world where appearance is given priority. One of the best and affordable ways to change the look of your building is painting.

You might not have realised what a transformation a coat of paint can make. Yes, it could be as simple as changing from off-white to bright white. It can make your business shine anew. New strata painting Sydney job for your office’s exteriors and interiors can breathe new life into your business. However, how will you know when is the right time to repaint your property? Don’t fret. We, strata painters Sydney, have shared some of the major signs that indicate your building requires repainting and here are they:-

Faded paint

Fading paint is one of the tell-tale signs that indicate you’ll have to consider repainting your property. But, many business owners tend to ignore it. Fading paint is not just a cosmetic issue; it is much more than that. Fading paint colour has several reasons, but it indicates the premature deterioration of the paint system. If the paint is faded, it no longer offers the protection required. Hence, it is time to hire professional strata painting services and get your property painted.

Cracking paint

Cracks are a sign of paint failure. A few fine cracks in the paint film can lead to patterned cracking. While these cracks don’t expose the substrate, they can extend to large areas and result in peeling paint. When this happens and left unaddressed, the building is left without any protection from the natural elements.

Rainwater, moisture, fungi, and termites can easily seep through small cracks and gaps and travel to different structural components. This can affect the integrity of the building, as well. Metal corrosion, severe pest and mould infestations, and rotting wood are just a few problems you may experience. Inspect your building and paint the walls whenever necessary to avoid potential structural damages.

Blistering paint

Loss of adhesion can result in blistering paint. This might occur when the paint surface is exposed to high humidity or rain shortly after applied. Perhaps when moisture is trapped inside the wall tries to escape. Unless you fix this problem’s cause, you can’t just fix it with a fresh coat of paint.

If you are unsure what a paint problem will look like and building needs a fresh coat of paint, please call our CLP strata painters.

The author is one of the skilled strata painters Sydney. Along with a team of professionals, he provides high-quality painting service for both residential and commercial property. Visit for more details.

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