Signs When Your Home Needs Repainting

Signs When Your Home Needs Repainting

Painting a house is not a facile task, be it the idea or the execution; the process stands complex. Keeping a check on the signs that show the need to repaint your home will save you from spending on extra maintenance cost while keeping your home looking fresh and lively. Painting acts a defence to the permanent damages that can further lead to deterioration of the house. Be it the scorching heat of summers or the heavy downpours of rain; your home needs protection from any harsh climatic changes. Here’s a guide to check when you need to make a Home Colour Selection again.

Pale and Hazy turning Colours

If the colours of your walls start fading or looking outdated, then it is a warning to have a repainting of the home. Over time, the darker shades of colours start to fade away more quickly than the lighter ones. Breaking down of the chemical bonds present in the paints results in the fading away of the hues.

Cracks and peeling off the paint start appearing on the Walls

Another alarm to get alert for repainting is when the walls start developing cracks, and the paint starts to peel off.  The crack appears due to the entering of water vapour in between the walls and paint. Paints can peel off due to any water leakage or dampness in the wall which can lead to the dusting off of the colour from the walls.

Development of Mould and Mildew

The occurrence of mildew and mould can be a sign of poor ventilation and dampness. Only painting the surface wouldn’t let the finishing of mildew, painting along with pesticide solution will be required. You can then work accordingly with the Room Colour Ideas for your home.

Caulks getting hard

Caulks are designed to expand and contract according to the house. The harsh climatic conditions lead to the loosening of the elasticity of the caulks. The hardening of caulks and lead to higher damage, so if the sign appears, it’s time for a new makeover.

Damaging of Wood or Stucco

The paint is known to keep the Stucco and the wooden surfaces protected from damage. But, sensitive surfaces like wooden starts rotting and the stucco starts developing cracks. The time is to detect and repair the damage by repainting the surfaces.

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