Signs which Proves Your Car Needs New Brake

Why should you wait for the last bell to go off, and you find yourself on an unknown road with a faulty break! The most common mistakes the people who have a car make are that they pay minimum attention to the brakes and their condition. The best car comes with the indicator attached with the brake unit, and the sound of screeching and clicking noise will notify the passenger about the fault with your brake system. You can even log in to the car service app to avail of the service of changing brakes if they are damaged or faulty.

Signs Which Shows Your Car Need New Brake

You have to keep your senses open while traveling so that you can catch any indication whether the brakes of your car is damaged or not. Here we have mentioned the list of the signs and symptoms that one must look to know whether your car needs new brakes or not:

✔ Squeaky Noise
If you hear a noisy and high-pitched screech, then it does not mean that you have damaged brake pads. Moreover, if the noise continues with the new pad too, then you have to look into the matter. If the squeaking noise persists, then you should schedule the service check for your car.

✔ Screeching Sound
If you are thinking that screeching sound is the end of the world, then you are wrong. You will notify of any possible wear and tears through the audible warning of the indicator. The metal will burn, or the rotor will be glazed due to the excessive heating, and this is the sign where you need car service.

✔ Grinding Noise
When you have missed all types of screeching noise, then this grinding noise will be your last warning sign. The heavy noise will come when the caliper and the metal pieces of the disc are rubbing together. It can not only cause damage to the rotor but also can cause your car’s brake to stick, which can lead to malfunctioning if the brake pad is not replaced quickly.

✔ Vibrations and Pulsations
If you feel pulsations and vibration through your car’s brake pedal, then there is a problem with the brake unit of your car. Due to the warped rotors and the misalignments of the vehicle the vibration occurs.

✔ Fluid Pool
Due to the leakage of the brake fluid, the puddle of fuel will be developed where your car is parked. In a situation like this, you have to get in touch with professionals to avail 24-hour roadside assistance service from Gaadiman.

✔ One Side Pulling
Due to the problem of brake fluid or uneven wearing of your brake lining can result in the pulling of your car to one side every time you apply the brake.

✔ Visible Damage
Inspect the thickness of the brake pads of your car through the spokes of the car wheel. If the thickness is less than the quarter-inch, then it means you need to replace the brake pads.

Brakes are a sensitive component of the car, and the symptoms mentioned above will give you a clear picture of the complexity of the brake problem. You can download the Gaadiman, the best car service app now, and then avails its best service.

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