Signs You Need Dental Implants


When you lose your teeth, there are many ways to replace them, such as full dentures or partial dentures. But if you’re looking for a more permanent solution that will last you the rest of your life and make eating easier and more enjoyable, dental implants might be the best solution for you. Here are seven signs that you need dental implants as suggested by the cosmetic dentist Albuquerque.

Jaw Bone Shrinkage

When a person loses teeth, their jaw bone begins to shrink. Without proper dental care, an individual can lose up to an inch in height within a decade after losing all of their teeth. Thus, when searching for signs that you need dental implants Albuquerque nm, look out for shrinking gums and height loss.

Impact Neighboring Teeth

When teeth are missing, our bite shifts, and neighboring teeth can shift in response. If you have an impacted tooth, it can cause problems for your bite and leave space in front of other teeth that might need to be replaced with dental implants. One or more of your teeth could also develop gum disease due to a loss of support from an impacted tooth.

Dentures Do Not Fit Well and Slide Around

When dentures become loose, they can be uncomfortable. They can also fall out at inopportune times, such as when you are eating, talking or laughing. Also known as loose dentures and denture slippage, loose dentures are more than just a nuisance; they can actually cause damage to your jawbone.

Dentures Irritate Gums

Dentures don’t just hold your teeth in place—they also support your gum tissue. Over time, if you depend on dentures to replace teeth and support your gums, you’ll start to experience gum recession or irritation. If you feel like your dentures are uncomfortable or irritating, dental implants are the right choice.

Severe Gum Disease

Gum disease progresses if left untreated. As your gums become more and more diseased, they start to recede from your teeth. Eventually, you’ll notice that there’s less and less space between your teeth and gums, which creates a gap for food to get stuck in. This can lead to cavities or even infection in the jawbone itself.

Multiple Cavities

If you’ve lost several teeth due to decay or gum disease, you might be a good candidate for dental implants. If you need new teeth in front to achieve balance, dental implants are a strong option for creating a great smile. Dental implants can help return your smile back to normal.

If you experience any of these signs, it indicates that you need dental implants. However, only a dentist Albuquerque nm can determine whether or not you can receive dental implants. So, please speak to your dentist immediately.

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