Signs You Need Professional Pain Management for Hip Pain

Before you jump the gun and go see a pain doctor in Houston, you might be concerned as to whether or not your hip pain merits treatment. Below, we have prepared some of the most common signs that you need to seek professional help for your hip pain.

1. You Have Problems Walking Walking should be something that you do naturally without any pain or problems. However, if you cannot walk comfortably without a burden of chronic hip pain, you might need professional help. This an everyday action that you should be able to do!

2. Standing Up and/or Sitting Down is Hard Standing up and sitting down with chronic hip pain is almost unbearable to many of our patients. Of course, these are things that are normal parts of everyday life! Therefore, if you cannot sit down and/or stand up without experiencing high loads of pain, you should absolutely come in to see a doctor.

3. Sleeping Problems are Commonplace Sleep is supposed to be a highlight of your day. When chronic hip pain starts to take a heavy toll, you might experience high levels of pain while trying to sleep. Therefore, it is a good idea to visit a doctor if your pain is causing you to not sleep as well.

4. You Have Started Cancelling Appointments & Meetups When you are living a happy normal life, it is common for you to meet up with your friends and be social. However, the moment that chronic pain starts to impact your willingness to do things like these, you should definitely consider going in to see a doctor.

5. It is Impacting Your Professional Life When pain starts to impact your capabilities at work, it is almost always a sign that you should seek professional help. If this describes you, click to read more about all the treatment options that are present to help you get back to work as soon as possible without chronic pain!

Think Your Hip Pain is Chronic Enough for Professional Treatment? If you fall into one or several of the signs described above, you are heavily encouraged to come stop by Performance Pain Houston. After looking at your condition personally, we will develop a treatment plan that best serves your needs and can help you heal quickly.
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