Signs You Need To Change Your Ducted Air Conditioner’s Filter


There are plenty of things that can go wrong with your air conditioner, but you can prevent many of them by doing routine maintenance on the system itself. One of the most important parts of this kind of work involves changing your ducted aircon filter regularly, and here are a few signs that it’s time to do so.

Intermittent Airflow

When your ducted air conditioner has an intermittent airflow problem, it can cause a significant disruption in the regular comfort of your home. If you find that your unit has noticeable changes in how the air circulates from room to room, this is a tell-tale sign that there might be a problem with your filter. A dirty filter will also cause drag on your ductwork system, which makes it work harder and uses more energy.

An Increase in Energy Bills

If you live in a cool climate, a significant increase in your energy bills over time can be indicative of a dirty air filter. Dirty filters reduce the ability of the AC unit to work efficiently, which causes an increase in the electricity use required for cooling.

Your Home Is Dustier

If you’ve been dusting your home often, it could be a sign that the air conditioner isn’t clean. A dirty filter is usually the first indicator that you need to make an investment in a new filter, as it clogs up with dust and other particles from the outside environment. And remember, when you change the ducted air conditioning filter, be sure to do so for both sides of the AC system if your AC has two filters.

Mould Growing In Corners

If mould is growing in the corners of your ducts and it smells funny, then you should definitely change your filter. The longer you go without changing your filter, the worse the air quality will get. Mould can cause all sorts of health problems including sore throats, watery eyes, headaches and more. With a dirty filter constantly building up dirt and dust in your home as it sucks up dirt from the air, breathing becomes a lot more difficult and dangerous for everyone in the house.

Mildew near Doors

There are tell-tale signs that indicate you need to change your ducted air conditioner’s filter. One of the most common signs is mildew near your doors. This can mean your filter needs changing because it isn’t capable of performing its job well and is letting bacteria into the home.

Strong Odours

This is a clear sign that the filter needs to be changed. The filter may be at fault or there could be dust and debris entering your home through the vents in your house. Give it a sniff – if you notice an odour, it’s time for a change. These odours are usually easily detectable as they are strong and can go undetected for some time.

A filter plays an important role in keeping your air clean, cool and healthy to breathe while at home or at work. It’s important to change the ducted air conditioning filter periodically to maintain indoor air quality. Keep in mind that if you have pets or small children, you should replace your filter much more frequently than normal.

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