Signs You Need To Consider Furnace Repair Lakewood Colorado

In colder weather, you surely need a working Furnace repair Thornton Colorado your house at a comfortable temperature. Meanwhile, it must prevent seasonal problems like burst pipes. But since your furnace is not in use during other seasons, except winter, this unit may get damaged without even knowing. That’s when you need to look for a contractor for furnace repair Lakewood Colorado.

What are the signs that your system requires regular inspection and repair? Here we have listed 7 common signs that your furnace requires repair and needs inspection by professional HVAC contractors:

1. Abnormal smell means you need furnace repair Lakewood Colorado

Furnaces often smell of fuel you use in it. But most furnace odors get dissipated when the unit runs. However, if you observe a strong or foul fuel smell around the unit and it doesn’t seem to go away, your furnace may have a problem.

These smells often result from various problems, such as gas leakage due to excessive dust in a unit. So, it’s best to call an HVAC professional for accessing the odor and determine the problem.

2. Difficulty to Start the Unit

When a furnace gets old, it may have trouble turning on and keep running. If you try the unit multiple times or restart it throughout the day, you most likely need furnace repair. However, the functionality problems often stem from damaged thermostats or disconnected wires. In this case, you may need furnace replacement Lakewood Colorado.

3. Discoloration in the pilot light

You even have to pay attention to the color of a pilot light. The pilot light in good condition appears blue. But if it has a different color, like yellow, it indicates a ventilation issue. The color change often causes certain health issues for you and the family. Or even make the unit combustible if the issues are not addressed. Therefore, you need to consider furnace repair Furnace replacement Lakewood Colorado.

4. Improper heating

Another common sign that your furnace requires repair is that is the unit is not working well. If the furnace does not produce heat or has a low heat level despite the thermostat settings and regular repairs. The most common causes of improper heating are leakage in the ductwork. Due to this, the treated air escapes, and the thermostat work improperly. Therefore, you need to get furnace repair Thornton Colorado from the experts. If not possible, it is best to replace the unit.

5. Continuous noises

Furnaces are not completely silent. But the persistent noises indicate serious issues. You have to pay attention to the sounds you hear. If it’s possible, describe the noises to professional contractors when they come for an inspection. The experts know how to handle furnace repair and furnace replacement Thornton Colorado. So, it’s best to leave things in their hand.

6. Bad air quality indicates furnace repair Lakewood Colorado

The furnace system has an impact on the house’s air quality. A badly maintained system moves bacteria, dirt, and other foreign particles all-around your house with the heated air. You may see floating dust within the air along with colds, coughs, and other respiratory issues. If you observe yourself or your family members getting allergies due to foreign particles, it’s time for furnace repair.

Proper furnace repair Lakewood Colorado is as easy as replacing its filter. So, get the repairs done from time to time. If possible get it repaired by professionals only.

7. Tripped Carbon Monoxide Detector

A furnace comes integrated with a carbon monoxide detector to send alters about the toxic gases. If the detector gets off, turn also turn off your furnace immediately. And, open the windows for proper home ventilation.

That time, you have to consult an expert HVAC contractor for determining the source of toxic gas. If you observe any warning signs given above, immediately go for furnace repair Lakewood Colorado.


Having a furnace is important to keep your house at optimum temperature in the winter season. But do look for the warning signs to ensure it’s in proper working condition. If there is an issue that’s easy to resolve, you have to go for furnace repair Furnace replacement Thornton Colorado. Contact Comfort Pros for assistance.

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