Signs Your Office Copier Needs Servicing

If you own a business, you understand how important your copier is to your success. You can’t scan or print papers to create the vital records that keep your firm functioning without a copier. Like any other piece of technology, Office copiers are susceptible to mechanical failure.

Every copier needs to be serviced and maintained regularly to stay in good working order. If your office copy machine shows any loss warning signs, contact Ace copy for  Xerox copier repair and service in Orange.

Xerox copier repair and service in Orange

The ‘Call For Service’ Indicator Is Flashing.

Modern copiers feature LCDs or screens that let employees control the copier’s various functions. They also display alerts or notifications, such as a “Call For Service” notice on the LCD screen if the copier detects an internal issue or failure.

The Copier Needs a Lot of Toner

If your copier seems to be consuming significantly more toner than it should, it’s possible that it’s accumulating somewhere it shouldn’t.  If the toner is allowed to collect and clog up someplace inside the copier, it can result in highly messy and costly repairs; therefore, the sooner the problem is resolved, the better.

Printing Errors

Errors in the output of a copier can be the first symptom of a problem with your business copier. Streaks and lines on prints, copies that are all black or completely blank, and voided or missing print regions on papers are all signs that your copier has a mechanical problem that may be fixed.

Inability To Scan

A copier’s scanner is critical for processing paper documents and turning them into electronic files. Modern office copiers have high-speed scanning systems with several moving components; however, like any other piece of equipment, these moving parts are subject to wear and tear.

Scanner failure is indicated by paper jamming and misfeeding in the document tray, the scanner not moving when creating a copy, and copies that are blank or have poor color/contrast. A qualified office copier specialist can quickly diagnose and correct the problem. 

Long Warm-Up Times

After being turned on, copiers and printers typically take a few minutes to warm up, but this should only take a minute or two before the device is ready for routine use. If setting up your workplace copier takes more than five minutes, it’s usually time to contact for service.

If you need a trusted service for office copiers, we provide a full spectrum of Copier repair and service in East Orange. We employ educated and certified technicians who can accurately identify and fix problems with your office’s copier or multifunction printer, allowing your business to continue operating normally. When paired with our support and office technology supplies, we can provide a full spectrum of corporate technology solutions.

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