Signs Your Windscreen Needs To Be Replaced


If you’re like many drivers, your vehicle’s windscreen may be one of the last things on your mind until you have to replace it. But if you don’t keep an eye out for these signs that it’s time to consider windscreen replacement Sydney, you could be driving with a damaged screen or no screen at all. Driving with a damaged car windscreen is a serious offence in Australia. So, don’t ignore these signs. Here are the signs your windscreen needs to be replaced and how they can impact your driving experience if they aren’t addressed right away.

Cracks That Get Longer

If you see cracks that get longer, it may be time for a new windscreen. Cracks can progress quickly so they should not be ignored. Always have your car inspected before buying a new windscreen. You want to know what condition the rest of the vehicle is in and if there are any other problems or issues with the car. Address windscreen crack repair Sydney immediately.

Streaks or Smears

As your windscreen gets old, the protective coating can wear off, exposing the glass beneath. The windscreen may look duller or foggy and any dirt on the glass will show up more clearly. Overtime, the dirt and debris that smears across the windlight can scratch the surface and could even weaken it enough for a rock or other object to break through if you were ever in an accident. As this happens, it’s time for a new windscreen.

Abrasions That Don’t Go Away

If you see scratches or abrasions that don’t go away, the screen may need to be replaced. Scratches are natural over time and no screen is immune from this. If it’s a fresh scratch, have your car examined for other problems.

Water Stains that Are Persistent

Sometimes, water stains are easily mistaken for something else. Take a second look and see if there are any small water stains lingering on the glass. If these stains have been there for more than two weeks, it’s time to get the windscreen replaced. If you see water drops near the edges of your windlight or paint that has chipped off, these too can be signs that your window is scratched and needs replacement or windshield repair Sydney.

Chips That Won’t Heal Over

If you’ve noticed cracks on your windscreen that are big enough for you to see the broken pieces, it’s time to think about getting a new one. The same goes for any noticeable chips on the glass or cuts in the laminate. The sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc on windscreens and cause them to crack even more over time if not attended to.

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