Sikh Wedding Cards: A Useful Guide For Hosts!

The Sikh weddings are performed at gurdwara under the guidance of the priest. The holy book gives utmost importance to the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony is known as “Anand Karaj” and it means blissful union. Two equal partners who are dependent on each other unite as husband and wife with the holy union.

Sikh Wedding Cards: Anand Karaj Cards!

Sikhs love to splurge for their weddings. Their weddings are vibrant and many religious rituals are part of them. Gorgeous spread of tasty delicacies, sangeet and mehendi function are part of the grander celebration. Everyone is in a joyous mood and you will witness dancing and music at the venue. The Sikh marriage invitations are known as “Anand Karaj” cards and the cards are modern and matching the trends.

Religious Symbols!

The cards will have religious symbols like onkar and kandha and verses which glorify the holy union from the holy book is also found in the cards. These are a must in the cards and as the union is glorified the hosts feel happy. It also shows the religious connect of the hosts. The atma is merging with the parmatma with the holy union and religious symbolism adds grace to the card.

Types Of Cards!

You can experiment with laser cut cards, scroll cards, cards in a bag, cards with inserts, boxed cards, card board cards, etc. The younger generation is willing to experiment with many stunning designs. The onkar design can be made grander in golden ink or with the use of semi-precious stones. Self-embossed designed cards are available and they are available in darker colours. You should choose the colour contrasts carefully so that the card looks lovely.


Metallic colours, dark colours and pastels all add grace to your card. You should be very clear about the colour you would want to have. The colours in shimmery paper come out well and depending on the quality of paper you can bring out your colour well. Sikh marriage invitations can be made beautiful with the mix of two colours.

Materials Available!

High quality GSM paper, velvet, silk paper, cotton, handmade paper and textured paper are available to choose from. Your choice depends on your budget and requirements. You can even get a beautiful card made in a budget version. If you go through the samples you will be able to make an intelligent decision regarding the materials used. Scroll cards are available in premium and budget versions and depending on the choice use of materials also change.


Designs both modern and traditional are used for the invites. Floral designs, peacock designs, lotus designs, rangoli designs, modern art designs are all chosen. Whatever may be your choice you can make it graceful by placing it prominently.

Author Bio: I am Priya Arora and I wanted a traditional card for my wedding. I searched the net and found some sites which had a wide collection of Sikh wedding cards with them.

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