Sikh Wedding Invitation Designs: A Valuable Guide To The Hosts!

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and Sikh weddings do not lag behind. When you think of a Sikh wedding then, the music, dance and the lavish spread of delicacies all come to your mind. So, attend a Sikh wedding and enjoy the time spent there.

Sikh weddings are conducted in the Gurdwara under the guidance of the priest. The other celebrations are held in a different venue and here it is fun and mirth. The Sikhs love to splurge on their weddings and their wedding cards are also no different. You can judge the scale of the celebrations from Sikh wedding card. The card designers will have a huge variety of Sikh marriage card designs.

Sikh Wedding Invitation Designs: Some Facts!

The Sikh wedding is known as “Anand Karaj”. When translated it means holy union or blissful union. The marriage is considered as a sacred act and here, the atman merges with the parmatma. The Sikh wedding card is known as Anand Karaj card. So, Sikhs love to celebrate such a union in a grand scale. The wedding rituals are traditional and these rituals have a profound meaning attached to them.

The Sikh wedding card will definitely have religious symbols like onkar and kandha and verses from the holy book. This is a must in formal invitations and the younger generation will like to experiment with the bolder designs. Trendy designs matching their tastes are selected by younger generation. Red, maroon, white, blue or other vibrant colours are selected for the wedding card.

The Design Aspect!

Floral designs, rangoli designs, leaf designs, traditional motifs, geometric designs are just some of the designs selected for the card. You can go in for mix and match of traditional and contemporary designs so that the card looks lovely. Stone inlaid designs on initials, handwritten matter in card are just some of the latest trends.

Peacock designs, the image of the baraat and the images of musical instruments signifying the wedding celebration are seen in the cards. Best quality materials are selected for the card so that the designs will look good. The grace of the card is maintained and overcrowding of the designs are avoided.

Types Of Invitations!

Scroll cards, musical cards, padded cards, laser cut cards, embossed cards are some cards which are preferred by the community. Some wealthy individuals go in for designer cards or boxed cards as they want unique cards to announce the great occasion. Sikh marriage card designs can be seen when you browse the sites.

Author Bio: I am Kamal Nair and I wanted a beautiful card for my wedding. I approached and they came out with a best card for me. I liked the card and the Sikh marriage card designs were simply superb.

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