Silagra 100 Mg


Silagra 100 MG Tablet contains Sildenafil. It is better acknowledged as the blue pill. It is an effective medicine secondhand for the conduct of erectile dysfunction (ED) in kinsmen. Erectile dysfunction is a complaint where a man is incapable to accomplish and/or keep an erection suitable for sexual communication. This occurs because of decreased blood flow due to animal injuries and certain medical surroundings, or due to some emotional situations such as worry,downheartedness, and so forth Silagra 100 mg Tablet lessens the blood receptacles and helps in accumulative the flow of blood to the penis. Some side effects of Silagra 100 MG Tablet include flushing (redness and feeling of warmth), headache, front upset, giddiness, indistinct hallucination, etc. Usually, these cross effects get set on on their personal. Consult your doctor if these cross effects worsen or keep on for a extended period. Silagra 100 MG Pill can be taken with or lacking food, as set by your registrar. It is optional that you take the capsule 30-60 actions before consuming sex. Though, you can also gross it up to 4 hours former to sex. This drug will help you grow/maintain the erection only if you are sexually inspired. Do not take extra medications for quick marks. Silagra 100 MG Tablet is envisioned only for men. It is not commended for use in womenfolk and children. Silagra 100 MG Tablet is not recognized for people with emotion and organ meats difficulties, Sidestep taking this tablet if you have a recent history of stroke or angina (chest pain and discomfort). Avoid or limit eating alcohol during the action as it makes you feel giddy. Do not initiative or operate machineries while you are under action with Silagra 100 MG Pill.

The medicine is used for the conduct of erectile dysfunction and other mannish sexual purpose problems. The active element in the painkiller is sildenafil citrate. It is usually used to upsurge blood flow to help a man withstand his erection to improve sensual action.

This pill does not defend the users from sexually transferred ailment (HIV, hepatitis B, gonorrhoea, syphilis). In the conduct of erectile dysfunction, the properties can be seen and felt within an period of consumption. Do not consume more than once daily. A high-calorie diet may postponement the consequence of the medication. The other disorder that the suppository is used for is pulmonary arterial hypertension.

The side result of this medicine includes annoyance, reddening, dyspepsia, dizziness, blood or overcast urine, blurry or alteration in vision, sensitivity to light and painful urination. You must consult your medic before using this drug if you are a heart enduring and have experienced heart or sidestep doctor’s in the past six-months. People grief from kidney and liver infection must correspondingly be watchful.




Patients who buy silagra 100 mg in the UK report outstanding effects from the treatment. Authorities say that the pill works for 3 out of 4 men who take it, though, it can take a few tweaks in the schedule before experiencing the full belongings when captivating it for the primary time.

When patients deduce a proper agenda, they will notice that it grow into easier for them to achieve or preserve an erection that is rigid for sexual communication. The active constituent in the medication is answerable for this, as it intensifications the flow of blood to the penis. This makes it easier to form an erection.100 mg silagra sildenafil tablets do not cause erections directly, therefore arousal is still necessary for the medication to show its effects.This is how the medication works in the body:A chemical called PDE5 is responsible for tightening the blood vessels around the penis, which stops the inflow of extra blood into the penis when it is not needed.When a patient has ED, they do not require much of this chemical in the penis as it stops the needed inflow of blood in the penis to achieve a firm erection.Patients buy silagra 100 mg to lessen the effect of PDE5 for 4 to 6 hours, so there is a greater inflow of blood into the penis more easily than usual. This makes getting and maintaining an erection effortless.

This is why this medication has made its class name as PDE5 inhibitors.



Revenue this medication in the dose and length as advised by your registrar. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. Silagra 100mg Drug may be taken with or deprived of food, but it is improved to take it at a fixed period.


Silagra 100mg Tablet is a phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor. It the whole kit and caboodle by calming the gore vessels in your penis, thereby snowballing blood flow into the penis on sexual motivation. This helps you realize and preserve a hard, erect penis suitable for sexual bustle.


How should Silagra be taken?

You must take one Silagra 100mg pill with a glass of water just about one time before voluptuous activity and without food. If you have a large meal before taking your Silagra 100mg tablet it possibly willpower take shorter to work. You ought to take no more than one medication a day and only if you plan to have masculinity.



The sildenafil prescribed amount plays a vital role in go through a positive management outcome. This likewise helps patients achieve thoroughgoing results with pointed side effects. This common must be taken for that reason to ensure all ED indicators are treated safely and resourcefully.

Patients acquisition silagra 100 mg as it is a customary dose and is the most in effect. Silagra 100 mg pills necessity be occupied 30 to 60 minutes before sexual action. Sensual encouragement should also be performed during this time, nonetheless, if this timeframe is problematic, 4 hours beforehand sex is also an acceptable period.

The capsule is considered fast-acting, nonetheless, it can only be unavailable when in 24 times. Taking numerous prescriptions of 100 mg silagra sildenafil medicines before the 24-hour period is terminated can cause unwanted side effects.



Most adjacent effects do not involve any medical devotion and disappear as your body changes to the prescription. Consult your doctor if they stick at or if you’re bothered about them

Common side effects of Silagra

  • Reddening (sense of balminess in the face, ears, neck and crate)
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Rash

How should Silagra be stored?

You should hold onto your Silagra 100mg remedy in their blood blister pack until used and stockpile in a cool, dry place where the high high temperature stays below 30°C.

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